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AJ “The Sauce” Dillon is BCI’s Male Athlete Who Most Embodies The Characteristics of a BC Eagle

Boston College v Virginia Tech Photo by Michael Shroyer/Getty Images

BC football player AJ Dillon was voted by the BCI staff as the Male BC Athlete who Best Embodies the Characteristics of a Boston College Eagle. Dillon beat out fellow football player Zach Allen, and Jordan Chatman, Ky Bowman, Ian Milosz and Michael Kim.

Dillon, who, it should be noted, is an avid Motts applesauce enthusiast, won the award first for his abilities on the field. Dillon has established himself as one of the better running backs in the country, rushing for 1,108 yards and 10 touchdowns during the 2018 campaign.

However, Dillon distinguishes himself from the field with his knack for photography.

As our Patrick Toppin reported earlier in the year, Dillon is a photographer who runs a photography business during his free time. 2 Focused Photography (whose website can be access here) was started by Dillon during his senior year of high school, and he has cultivated his talents ever since.

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Dillon’s talents on the field are obviously impressive, but it is Dillon’s abilities off the field that really embrace the institutional mantra of Ever to Excel, and that is why he is BCI’s Male Athlete Who Most Embodies The Characteristics of a BC Eagle.