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Introducing the BCI Apple Tournament

Two And A Half Photo by Chaloner Woods/Getty Images

Apples. One of nature’s best treats. Apples are ubiquitous in our culture as much as any other food. Take, for example, the expressions “An apple a day keeps the doctor away,” or “as American as apple pie.”

Apples, however, have the unique distinction of being a food that has many different types and varieties. Incidentally, that leads to opinions being formed about which apple is better.

That leads us to our Google Hangout a few weeks ago, when Grant and I were arguing about what type of apple is the best. That led to an idea that you are now seeing today:

The BCI Apple Tournament.

We took 12 types of apples and put them in a tournament. Throughout the next couple of weeks, we will post matchups on here gif-tournament style. We will all vote on them and the winners will advance in a single elimination tournament.

Now, let’s get some FAQ’s answered.

1. Who determined seedings?

The seedings were determined by a poll that was circulated throughout the BCI newsroom. Those who voted ranked each apple in the tournament from 1 to 12 based on preference. We then tabulated those results and seeded all of the apples from 1 to 12.

2. Where did you get these apple varieties?

We went on the US Apple Association’s website and drew from their apple varieties page.

3. Is this a joke?

Far from it Jim. We have never been more serious about something in our entire lives.

4. How will we vote?

Just like the GIF tournament, we’ll post articles on BCI with a poll. You will vote on the poll, and, after tabulating the results, we will move apples through the bracket.

5. No, really, is this a joke?

No Toby. And no more questions about whether is this is a joke!

6. What does the winner get?

Idk. I’m not sure what we give inanimate objects.

And that’s it! So keep an eye out tomorrow for the first matchup!