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The BCI Apple Tournament Round 2: (4) Cortland v. (5) Fiji

Apple Eater Photo by Harry Shepherd/Fox Photos/Getty Images

Well we’re onto the second round, where the apples truly distinguish themselves.

Here’s the matchup

(4) Cortland


(5) Fiji

Fiji made it out of the out-bracket by demolishing (12) Red Delicious in the first round (as is right) setting up a tough matchup against a darkhorse candidate in Cortland

Cortland barely edged out Fiji to take the last first round bye in the tournament. In terms of rankings, it was pretty all over the board, but a first place vote kept Cortland in the top four.

Fiji, on the other hand, is probably one of the best apples to come out of the out-bracket.

All in all, this will be a tough matchup. Vote below!

As always, if you are reading this on Google AMP or Apple News, the poll will not appear on your screen. Therefore, if you wish to vote, please go to a browser and do so.


Which apple is better?

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  • 29%
    (4) Cortland
    (7 votes)
  • 70%
    (5) Fiji
    (17 votes)
24 votes total Vote Now