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Movin’ On

My time here at BCI has come to an end.

Baldwin Jr.

Hi BCI Readers,

I’m sure most of you saw the post yesterday announcing a need for a new football writer and wondered what that was all about. Well, it’s with mixed emotions that I am announcing that my time here on this wonderful site is coming to a close. Recently, I was offered a new opportunity covering Boston College sports and the offer was too good to refuse.

I have been part of BC Interruption for I believe seven plus years (I’ve kind of lost track) when a young whipper snapper named Brian Favat found me in the deep recesses of the dark web and brought me on to cover football. Paying me in Harpoon IPA’s we worked together for a while bringing BCI to the forefront of Eagles news, eventually bringing along Grant Salzano to cover hockey, Dan Rubin and Eric Hoffses to cover football with me, Laura and Bailin to cover hockey and a variety of other sports. The site grew, Brian left, and other editors have kept the engine rolling with their vision and leadership. I have enjoyed working with all of you (along with all the other writers I have interacted with over the years). I’ve learned from every one of you and hope to not lose touch. Just to be clear, my departure has nothing to do with BCI or it’s leadership.

During my time writing for BCI I have found my creative groove, covering and previewing football games, and adding my own flare whether it’s my incessant hip hop references, complaining about sesame seed pretzels, endless IPA beer selections, CAW CAW, needlessly starting feuds with UMass writers and fans every year, and of course talking about lesser schools such as UConn. I’ve been here through the good times of Boston College athletics, and the many, many,many, many bad times. God there were so many. Hopefully my posts have given you all the same sense of comfort and community through the good times of BC beating USC, Florida State and Miami as it did with such epic fail moments like Middle Schmiddle, 3-0 losses to Wake Forest, shanking an extra point in the Pinstripe Bowl, and basically the entire end of the Frank Spaziani era.

Thank you to all the readers, who have kept me on my toes here, challenging my point of view, yelling at me when I clearly was wrong, and sending me lovely emails telling me what an absolute a-hole I could be. But in all seriousness, I’ve loved writing for you all, I’ve met many of you, and have become friends with others and it was because of you that I lasted here as long as I did.

So where from here? I’ll be floating around as I mentioned before. I have a new Boston College related opportunity arising that I think a lot of you readers are going to enjoy. I can’t announce it yet, but keep following me on Twitter @BCHysteria and I will roll out all the details as soon as they are available.

And now for my final beer selection and hip hop song selection

Beer Selection

50 Cent IPA by Tuckerman’s Brewery (NH): One of my favorite places, other than the cold hard steel bleachers of Alumni Stadium is North Conway New Hampshire. I am up there as often as I can go, to ski, hike and of course try new beers, which admittedly I have done less and less of after the birth of my son. Tuckerman’s Brewery is one of my favorites, and they just kicked off a new hazy New England IPA that is really delicious. If you get a chance to check out the brewery they have live bands all the time, cornhole and a great atmosphere. And hey you may run into me there.

Totally Necessary Hip Hop Song To Say Farewell

Bad Boy For Life - P.Diddy and the Family. The rapping in this song is pretty awful, as P. Diddy can spit a verse as well as I imagine Frank Spaziani could, but man this beat is hot. Video is also really great, with a bunch of random cameos, because why not? Why did I pick this song? Well, BCI ain’t going nowhere, and I’ll always be their bad boy for life.

As always keep on soaring BC nation.


AJ Black