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Heartbreak in Homewood: Boston College Women’s Lacrosse Falls to Maryland in National Championship Game 12-10

In a grudge match between two teams that have been at the top of the women’s lacrosse world the past three years, it was Maryland that emerged victorious on the campus of Johns Hopkins, edging out Boston College 12-10.

Playing what was arguably the toughest Maryland team over the past three years, BC played in a back and forth first half with Maryland, with the Terps edging away late in the first half.

The second half was much of the same, as the Terps seemed to be one step of a resilient Eagles team. The Eagles made a late second half push, going a 4-2 run late, and drawing a man-up opportunity late to make the comeback so tantalizingly close to reality. However, a stingy Maryland defense and a foul on Kenzie Kent effectively killed the offensive efforts, and the Eagles simply ran out of time.

This is obviously a really frustrating result, as there was so much hope for this team and it’s unfortunate to have basically nothing to show for the season. However, this was an effort the team could be proud of, taking probably one of the better Maryland teams we have seen to the wire.

We’ll have more to come.