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2019 Men’s Frozen Four Rooting Guide: UMass

Why you should be pulling for the Minutemen in the Frozen Four

Atlantic 10 Basketball Tournament - Second Round Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

With the Frozen Four set to take place this week and with BC nowhere to be found, it’s time to take a look at the remaining teams and why we should be pulling for them. First up is UMass, a team I definitely support and am not writing about only because I was out when the email to pick teams got sent out. UMass reached the Frozen Four with a pair of 4-0 wins against Harvard and Notre Dame and will face Denver in their semifinal match-up. So why should you root for them to take home their first national championship? Here’s an exhaustive list:

  1. Cale Makar is a legitimately fun, awesome player to watch. He’s probably going to win the Hobey Baker and could be playing in the NHL playoffs in about a week for Colorado. He’s a treat to see play.
  2. As I said, they did just blow out Notre Dame in their most recent game. The enemy of my enemy, right?

And...that’s about it. Maybe you’re really nostalgic about the Revolutionary War so the whole ‘Minutemen’ thing strikes a chord? Maybe you feel bad about constantly thrashing their football team and want them to have this one? But there you have it. Every conceivable reason for jumping on the UMass Amherst bandwagon for the Frozen Four. I certainly will not be there, but to each his own I guess.