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2019 Men’s Frozen Four Rooting Guide: Minnesota-Duluth

2018 NCAA Division I Men’s Hockey Championship Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

As you have seen the past few days, we’re in the midst of doing our (unfortunately) annual tradition of posting articles about why you should root for specific teams in the Frozen Four. Today is our final post: the case for Minnesota-Duluth.

Here’s why you should root for Minnesota-Duluth:

  1. They Beat Notre Dame Last Year!: Yeah I know, O’Connor and everything. Providence has probably the better argument. But think about it. How obnoxious would Notre Dame fans be if they won the national championship? Minnesota-Duluth saved us from that, and they deserve our gratitude.
  2. Maroon and Gold Alliance: Minnesota-Duluth is a part of the maroon and gold alliance with Denver. If you love the maroon and gold, Duluth could be your option.
  3. The Railroad Museum: I know I mentioned this last year, but, like, how cool is a railroad museum? That should be enough on its own to support Duluth.

And those are all of the reasons to support Duluth. Enjoy the games tonight.