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Boston College Women’s Basketball Falls to Virginia in ACC Tournament

The Eagles lost a halftime lead to get knocked out of the ACC Tournament

Michelle Jay

The Boston College women’s basketball team fell to Virginia today in the first round of the ACC women’s basketball tournament. Despite taking a 29-24 lead into halftime, the Eagles fell behind in the second half, ultimately losing by a score of 77-61 to get knocked out of the competition.

The Eagles kept up with Virginia for the most part, with 31 rebounds to Virginia’s 38, matching 6 steals and 15 turnovers, and recording 23 bench points to Virginia’s 6. However, the Eagles were really outplayed when it came to shooting percentage. Overall, the Eagles made 38% of their field goals, 28% of their 3 pointers, and 75% of their free throws. In contrast, Virginia shot at 44%, made 33% of their 3 pointers, and netted 90% of the free throws they took. Virginia was also helped by their star player Jocelyn Willoughby, who had a game high 29 points and 13 rebounds. Emma Guy was BC’s leading player with 18 points and 7 rebounds.