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Oliver Wahlstrom Reportedly Set to Leave Boston College, While David Cotton Reportedly Plans to Finish Out His Senior Season

NCAA Football: Notre Dame at Boston College Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

Sources at the Boston Globe are reporting that Oliver Wahlstrom is leaving BC after a single season with the men’s hockey team. Whether he is heading to the AHL (the Islanders own his rights) or to Europe is currently unknown. Wahlstrom, who had 19 points in 36 games for BC, took a bit of time to find his stride, but showed significant improvement during the second half of the season. His departure should not come as a surprise, as he was always expected to be a one-and-done player, but it still would have been nice to have him on the team for at least another season as he continues to develop as a player.

In much more positive news, the same source is reporting that David Cotton is currently planning to stay at BC for his senior season so he can pursue free agency upon graduation. Cotton, who was drafted by the Carolina Hurricanes, carried BC on his back this season and has shown consistent improvement every year he has been a member of the team. Cotton averaged nearly a point a game this year (36 points in 39 games) and had his first 20 goal NCAA season with a final total of 23 goals. If Cotton really is coming back, Eagles fans should be extremely excited. He’s been a leader on this team in addition to being the most consistent skater, and having one more year of him is more valuable than we can state.

We will update with individual articles one reports are confirmed.