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The Men’s Hockey East Championship: Boston College v. Northeastern Final Thoughts and Predictions

Yeah, we’re as surprised as you are.

2018 Beanpot Tournament - Championship Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Last night, the Boston College Eagles upset the UMass Minutemen 3-0 to keep their season alive in a surprising and dominant victory.

Going into the tournament, Boston College had a 1% of making the NCAA Tournament by autobid. At publication, the odds are now at 26%. BC is still the underdog in Saturday’s matchup, but the outlook looks a lot better than it did a week ago, because, now, all that separates BC from the NCAA Tournament are the Northeastern Huskies. It’ll be a tough game, so here’s what to watch for.

What To Watch For

  1. Brick Woll: (that’s a really good pun I wonder if anyone has ever used it before). BC’s victory against UMass Friday evening came off a strong effort by Joe Woll. BC’s successes this season have by and large come from Woll’s play, and if he contributes another big effort that will put the Eagles in good shape.
  2. David Cotton: David Cotton also needs to have another big game. BC has also had success when Cotton has been successful, so look for a strong effort from him.
  3. Primaeu Hoagie: Yeah I know I’ve already used that pun, and that no one outside the Philadelphia area knows what I’m referencing. Your loss all around. Cayden Primaeu is going to be a tough goaltender to figure out, and could be an x-factor for the Huskies. Look for him to stand tall.

Streaming Mini-Rant

Can we talk about how ludicrously stupid it is that last year the semifinal and finals were on ESPN3 and this year it is only on overpriced streaming services? Leave it to Hockey East to take a really good thing and make it a million times harder.

(Of course, the game is on NESNplus in the Boston area. But for those of us not in Boston... not great)


If there is one thing that recent memory has taught us, it is, in the playoffs in one game series, it is important to beware the underdog, especially when it is catching fire. I’m taking the Eagles.

Championship Predictions

Name Who Will Win? What will be the score?
Name Who Will Win? What will be the score?
Grant Boston College A BILLION TO NOTHING
Steven Boston College 4-1
Arthur Bailin Boston College 3-2 (4OT)