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Boston College v. UMass: Final Thoughts and Predictions

Conte Forum Kelley Rink

Ordinarily in this column we write about the BC men’s hockey game that is about to be played, and then go into some well-meaning humorous content. Sometimes we have a beer of the game, sometimes we have a Wikipedia fact, sometimes we make fun of the mascot, but in the end, the tenor of this column is supposed to fun.

This column will not be like that. Given what happened this week, I don’t really think that the humorous tone is appropriate. And if it is appropriate, frankly I don’t feel like writing it. It doesn’t feel right.

I, quite frankly, am embarrassed and mortified, not only as a BC alumnus but as a person living in decent society, about what came out this week about a BC hockey player making racist remarks during a hockey game. It’s disgusting, and has no place in the world, let alone the sport.

So we’re not going to crack jokes this week, but there is a hockey game to play. So let’s talk about it.


UMass Minutemen (28-8-0, 18-6-0 MHEA)
vs. Boston College Eagles (13-21-3, 10-11-3 MHEA)


The Men's Hockey East Semifinals


TD Garden
Boston, MA


Friday, March 22, 2019
7:30pm EDT (or 40-something minutes after NU/BU ends)


The game will be broadcast in HDTV tonight live onNESNplus


Last, Aapeli Rasanen and Jack McBain both missed game three with injuries, leading BC to tap Michael Merulla to skate on the 4th line. There has been no update provided yet on the status of either injured player, but we’ll keep an eye out for lineups to be posted this afternoon.


I’ll take BC because why not? In the BU/Northeastern game, I’ll take Northeastern because I think they’re a sliver better than BU.

Hockey East Semifinal Predictions

Name Who will win the BC/UMass game? What will be the score? Who will win the BU/NU game? What will be the score?
Name Who will win the BC/UMass game? What will be the score? Who will win the BU/NU game? What will be the score?
Grant Boston College Who cares the troll factor will be through the rood Northeastern Haha womp
Peter UMass 4-2 Northeastern 3-1
Steven UMass 3-2 Northeastern 4-2
Arthur Boston College 5-2 Northeastern 5-4 (OT)