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Boston College Men’s Hockey v. Northeastern: Final Thoughts and Predictions

2019 Beanpot Tournament - Championship Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

There’s never a good time for a six game schnide in college hockey. In a 34 game season, a six game drought, no matter the context, is never a good thing.

But for BC, a six game schide this year is particularly troubling. And yet, that’s what the Eagles are on right now, a six game losing streak, creating a precipitous drop in the standings, and putting the Eagles in a dangerous position leading to a Hockey East tournament that they absolutely must win in order to make the NCAA tournament.

As we talked about Wednesday, BC still has a lot to play for in terms of Hockey East seeding, since the Eagles could theoretically finish as high as third or as low as eighth as it stands right now.

The problem is that the Eagles’ room for error is at zero, and that’s a bad place to be with big, bad Northeastern coming to the Heights. Northeastern, as you would recall, defeated the Eagles already this season at TD Garden.

That said, a big threat creates a big opportunity. With a sweep, the Eagles would own the tiebreaker over the Huskies and could cling to a home ice spot assuming other results go the Eagles’ way.

So, let’s see what’s going on

What To Watch For

  1. Playing a full 60 minutes: BC came back in the Beanpot against Northeastern and gave the Huskies a scare down the stretch. Not for nothing, but that shows the Eagles could hang around with the Huskies if need be. That said, the first two periods were controlled by the Huskies. The Eagles need to play a full 60 minutes in order to be competitive this weekend.
  2. Primaeu Hoagies: Cayden Primaeu has made the Huskies legitimate. He is one the best goaltenders in the country and complements one of the best offenses in the country. The Eagles need to put pressure on him in order to remain competitive.
  3. Do or die: Yep. It’s that time of year

Random, Possibly Incorrect Fact from Northeastern’s Wikipedia Page

Northeastern offers a four year program for most majors.

Beer of the Game

Creature Comforts Athena Paradiso

This is an Athens beer that isn’t available up north, but it’s my feature so I’ll do what I want. This is a rotating seasonal that is different at different points. The version that’s available now is the best out of the rotation.

GRaNT Prediction:

3.24-1.88, Northeastern over BC

Human Predictions

I’m gonna level with y’all. This is gonna be a long weekend. Northeastern is a lot better than BC, and the Eagles have regressed since the Beanpot. Get the brooms.

Northeastern Predictions

Name: do we really have to do this? *sigh* Who will win Friday? What Will Be The Score? Who will win Saturday? What Will Be The Score? Is life meaningless and everything pointless?
Name: do we really have to do this? *sigh* Who will win Friday? What Will Be The Score? Who will win Saturday? What Will Be The Score? Is life meaningless and everything pointless?
AJ I made it through BC football in 2015, you can manage this. Northeastern 3-2 Northeastern 4-2 It is, but beer dulls that feeling
Arthur Laura will yell at you if you don't Northeastern 5-1 Northeastern 3-1 I mean, yeah.
Peter Do we? Northeastern 3-1 Northeastern 4-2 Damn, I guess we're a philosophical blog now
Laura Yes because I support the student athletes Boston College 3-2 Tie 2-2 No
Grant No Northeastern Bad Northeastern Also bad Yep
Steven Unfortunately Northeastern 3-1 Northeastern 4-1 It is