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Boston College Men’s Ice Hockey Loses 3-0 to UMass Lowell

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Riverhawks sweep the Eagles on the season

2015 Beanpot Tournament - Consolation Game Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

List pretty much every potential bad thing that could have happened to the Boston College Eagles Friday night against UMass Lowell, and chances are you would be able to check most things off.

Lose a crucial game for the Hockey East standings? Check.

Have a bad period in which there were a bevy of goals conceded? Check.

Have two players leave the game with apparent injuries? You bet.

Such was life for the Eagles who fell to the Riverhawks 3-0 in Lowell Friday night. The Riverhawks completed the season sweep of the Eagles.

The Eagles conceded all three goals in the second period, when they were outshot 14-9.

Additionally, Logan Hutsko and Jack McBain left the game with apparent injuries.

Collectively, this spells trouble. BC continued its slide down the Hockey East standings, putting their chance at home ice in a more precarious state. Potentially losing Hutsko and McBain could mean trouble for Monday’s Beanpot. And above all, getting swept by a team in the league is never good.

‘Tis a sad night, folks.