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School Record Seven BC Players Invited To NFL Combine

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NCAA Football: Boston College at Virginia Tech Lee Luther Jr.-USA TODAY Sports

Boston College football is going to be sending a record seven potential draftees to the NFL Combine on February 24th at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. The following players will be trying to impress scouts in various events:

* Defensive end Zach Allen

* Defensive end Wyatt Ray.

* Cornerback Hamp Cheevers

* Tight End Tommy Sweeney

* Safety Lukas Denis

* Safety Will Harris

* Offensive Lineman Chris Lindstrom

What is really impressive is that BC is in the Top 15 in schools represented in the NFL Combine.

As I mentioned on Twitter yesterday this is a double edged sword for the program. On the one hand this showcases that Steve Addazio and his staff have done an excellent job in evaluating and developing NFL level talent at the program. Most of these recruits came in under the radar as two and three star recruits, and now will be leaving the Heights as NFL players with NFL contracts. That is certainly a huge positive for the program and the coaching staff.

On the other hand though, seeing this level of talent highlights the coaching deficiencies in the game planning and game decisions of Addazio. Just talent wise this team should have won more than seven games. They had seven NFL ready players this year alone, but still couldn’t crack that ceiling.

Regardless of that though, the next few months should be fun for Eagles fans as there will be quite a few players heading to the NFL.