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Boston College Women’s Basketball Falls to .500 With Loss to #4 Louisville

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The Eagles are on a losing streak, but the significant progress over last season is still there

Michelle Jay

The Boston College women’s basketball team lost its seventh game in a row today, falling to #4 Louisville by a score of 87-51. Louisville dominated from the beginning of the game, holding BC to fewer than 15 points in all but the second quarter.

Sophomore Sydney Lowery was BC’s standout today, leading the team with 12 points and picking up 5 rebounds, while Taylor Soule led the Eagles with 7 rebounds. Taylor Ortlepp, who scored 5 points in the game, was the only Eagle to take any free throws today, making 2 of the 4 that she took.

Although it is easy to be discouraged by BC’s recent losing streak, it is important to look at this team in the context of the progress they have made in Coach McNamee’s first season. Last season, BC went 7-23 overall and 2-14 in the ACC. With 1 game left in the regular season, the Eagles are looking to finish either just above or just under .500 for the first time since 2015-16 (they are currently 14-14 overall and 3-12 in the ACC).

Where you can really see the progress in this team, however, is in the game stats. Last year, BC averaged 33.1 rebounds and 58.2 points per game. This season, the Eagles are averaging 39.0 rebounds and 74.5 points per game. The Eagles have also improved their overall shooting percentage (although there is still work to be done) improving from .392 last year to .428 this year. The Eagles have seen a bit of a backslide in terms of free throw percentage and turnovers, but overall, there has been significant progress across the board. Additionally, anyone that has watched this team over the past few years can attest to the fact that this is the fastest and best conditioned they have been in a long time.

The Eagles have one more regular season game to play this year - a home game against Syracuse at 2 PM on Sunday. Head over to Conte to cheer on the Eagles as they close out Coach McNamee’s first season on the Heights!