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Boston College Football Is Heading To Birmingham. How Did We Get Here?

Boston College v Pittsburgh Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images

Obviously there is a significant amount of discussion related to Boston College and its recent change of head coach of the football program. But, despite all of the problems the Eagles have faced, they still managed to get to six wins and bowl eligibility, and are heading to Legion Field in Birmingham to play a very good Cincinnati team.

So how did we get here? Let's go game by game.

Win vs. Va. Tech

In this game that happened roughly five billion years ago, the Eagles defeated the Hokies in what can only be described as one of the oddest results of the year considering the Hokies had a shot at the ACC championship game. The Eagles won this game off passing, particularly with the emergence of a young receiver named Zay Flowers.

Win vs. Richmond

The typical FCS sacrifice, this game was not particularly close or intersting. But hey, as long as buy games count toward the win total teams will keep scheduling them.

Loss vs. Kansas

This is where the wheels began to come off for the Eagles, and by began to, the wheels just came off in the most instantaneous and jarring way possible. In a game that was not competitive from the second quarter on, the Jayhawks ran over a struggling Eagles defense that looked lost. This was the point in time where Steve Addazio's detractors came out and never went away.

Win vs. Rutgers

Despite a backup quarterback torching the Eagles all day, the Scarlet Knights weren't able to capitalize on a big game from their quarterback and the Eagles were able to outlast in Piscataway. Not a comfortable win by any means, but hey, it got them to three.

Loss vs. Wake Forest

The Eagles never led this home game against a surprisingly good Demon Deacons team. The Eagles showed signs of life and promise but never got the game to a winnable point despite the score.

Loss vs. Louisville

The downward spiral reached a fever pitch when Anthony Brown suffered a season ending injury. Despite an admirable, not great but admirable, effort by the BC offense, the BC defense couldn't stop a nosebleed and the Eagles fell to Louisville. And the boo birds got louder. Or they would have if it was a home game.

Win vs. NC State

Yeah I got nothing. The Eagles dominated an NC State team in a down year.

Loss vs. Clemson


Win vs. Syracuse


This was a good road win at a house of horrors for BC in the past.

Loss vs. Florida State

Pain. A loss on Red Bandanna Day that was never a result in doubt. This was possibly the death knell for Steve Addazio.

Loss vs. Notre Dame

An admirable effort, but ultimately a game that BC never really had a shot at.

Win vs. Pittsburgh

Give the Eagles credit. When they needed a win they got it. AJ Dillon did work and the Eagles achieved bowl eligibility after a rocky season.