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Boston College Head Coaching Profiles: The Others Episode I

Boston College v Pittsburgh Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images

There are a lot names floating around as to who should be the next head coach. While some think the decision has already been made, we wanted to just flush out a few other options while we have the chance because why not. Regardless of how ludicrous some might be, here are some of the other names that may or may not have been thrown around.

Bob Chesney, Holy Cross Head Coach

I’m going to be honest, I had no idea who this was. Current head coach at Holy Cross, Chesney is still trying to make a name for himself. A 12-12 record in the Patriot League ain’t going to cut it.

Doug Flutie, The GOAT

The only people who want this are Notre Dame fans who want him out of the booth and people who just want to watch the world burn.

Ron Rivera, Former Carolina Panthers Head Coach

Stop. Well... maybe Luke has some blackmail on him. Anyways BC’s endowment probably couldn’t even convince Rivera to coach here. Considering he’s never coached college, and is probably already a leading candidate for a number of head coaching positions in the NFL that aren’t even technically open yet, this narrative needs to stop.

Charlie Strong, Former University of South Florida Head Coach

Strong was fired this season by South Florida after a 4-8 record in his third season. He made a name for himself at Louisville, but wasn’t able to get anything done at his next stop in Texas. Some mild success at USF was short-lived after that. Other than the fact that I see no connection or reason for him to want to come to the northeast, this doesn’t seem like a very good fit. He hasn’t had much success recently, and we’re not looking for someone to rebuild their own career.

Jim McElwain, Central Michigan Head Coach

This would actually be somewhat poetic. Although he was more recently head coach at Florida for a few seasons, you may remember him from his time at Colorado State, when his Rams team defeated the Steve Addazio-led Eagles in 2014. The ol’ switcheroo.

Jason Candle, Toledo Head Coach

Candle has been the head coach at Toledo for 4 seasons now, but has been with the program since 2009. His only other stop was at Mount Union, where he also played. He took over Iowa State Head Coach Matt Campbell’s role at Mount Union, so don’t take that one so lightly either. He then actually reunited with Campbell at Toledo too and became head coach after Campbell left for Iowa State, where he has made quite the name for himself.

Sadly, Toledo was the only bowl eligible team that was not selected to a bowl this season. Not sure if we can give the keys to a MAC coach that hasn’t had all too much success, but he’s a bright young mind that will surely make the jump in the coming years.

Shane Waldron, Los Angeles Rams Pass Game Coordinator

I don’t think I’ve spelled out ‘Los Angeles’ in a long time and it just looks wrong for some reason. The LA Rams pass game coordinator and quarterbacks coach has had a steady rise, and was definitely thrown out there for many jobs during the “Friends-of-Sean-McVay” coaching hire spree. He has a familiarity with the area, serving as a positional coach at UMass for a short while, and even spending time with he Patriots. He also played at Tufts and Phillips Academy. There is no reason to believe he will move back to college football now.

Mike Elko, Texas A&M Defensive Coordinator

This one is actually kind of legit? The South Brunswick, New Jersey native and former defensive coordinator at Notre Dame, Wake Forest, and Bowling Green among others. At only 42 years old, Elko has had success at each of these stops and is probably primed for a head coaching job soon. Do I see it though? No.

Tony Elliot, Clemson Co-Offensive Coordinator

Elliot has been with Clemson since 2011 and played there himself. The 2017 Broyles Award winner has had his name pop up for coaching vacancies the past few years, but has chose to stick it out at Clemson. He’s refuted any notion of him moving on in most of his interviews, and his connections in the South probably hint to him preferring to stay closer to home when he takes the next step. He’s even been linked to the Dallas Cowboys (should the job become available, of course). With co-offensive coordinator Jeff Scott leaving for USF, he may see an expanded role at Clemson as well. Tough choice.

Clark Lea, Notre Dame Defensive Coordinator

Lea has been lauded by for his work at Notre Dame, and Irish fans seem to love his work. He’s very well regarded in coaching circles and has had experience in a number of different locales, from Syracuse and Wake Forest to UCLA. He coached under Elko at Wake and Notre Dame and took over the job with the Fighting Irish in 2017 when Elko left town. He speaks so articulately about defense and could very well be a head coach sooner rather than later, but I think he might want to continue to build his resume before making the jump.