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CONFIRMED: Steve Addazio Hired As Colorado State Head Coach

Good news for all involved

NCAA Football: Boston College at Syracuse Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Reports are blowing up all over twitter that ousted Boston College football head coach Steve Addazio has been hired as the new head coach at Colorado State University. Steven Godfrey of Banner Society appears to have been the first with the news, though it’s everywhere now:

EDIT: Colorado State has confirmed the hire:

First and foremost, this is really good news from a BC perspective. This will likely save BC athletics quite a bit of money on Addazio’s buyout, as BC would almost certainly only need to pay Addazio if he didn’t pick up a different head coaching gig. With Addazio’s hire coming pretty quickly, it’s also possible that this could affect how much money the Eagles are going to be willing to spend on a new head coach of their own.

This is also obviously really good news for Addazio himself, as not too many former BC coaches have found themselves getting fired and landing in another FBS head coaching role. The Mountain West is no ACC, but it’s definitely a solid landing spot for Addazio.

And lastly, while there’s already plenty of freak-out on CSU Twitter (if that’s a thing) about hiring the “Guys Being Dudes” guy, the Rams could definitely do worse. Addazio was in the running for a Big Ten job at Rutgers before the Scarlet Knights were able to come to an agreement with Schiano, and, whether you want to admit it or not, Addazio did a halfway decent job at BC, giving the program consistency and a solid floor almost every year he was here. Although, interestingly, Daz’s Eagles did play against Colorado State in 2014, suffering a 24-21 defeat to the Rams.

Looking at CSU’s recent seasons, after going 4-8 this year and 3-9 the year before, Colorado State would probably be thrilled to get back to just respectability. Funny enough, before cratering at 3-9 two years ago, CSU had just come off a stretch of three straight — wait for it — seven win seasons. Sounds like a good match to me.

Of course, Addazio is an east coast guy without many (any?) recruiting ties out west. That can be rectified by hiring the right assistants, though.

All in all, this is good for everyone, but most importantly to all of us, it’s very, very good for BC. The Eagles aren’t going to be on the hook for a head coaching buyout while putting the finishing touches on a new hire. That should really free BC up to get the best coach possible.