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Former Boston College Football Players and Staffers Take to Twitter Following Steve Addazio’s Departure

We will update this post moving forward

USA - Education - Boston College Photo by Rick Friedman/Corbis via Getty Images

Following the announcement that Steve Addazio is no longer with the Boston College football program, former players and staffers have taken to social media to share their thoughts on him.


Obviously football teams are huge and these opinions likely don’t represent the opinions of everyone that has ever played for Addazio, but there are some pretty harsh stories being shared. Important to note is that among the players speaking out are guys who were successful at BC under Addazio, despite not being recruited by him.

  • Immediately following the announcement, Andre Williams, who played for Addazio in 2013 and was a 2013 Heisman finalist, tweeted this:

Williams followed up that tweet with a thread detailing how he was snubbed by Addazio after coming back to BC to be honored:

Williams also dropped this tweeted during a debate with fellow program alum, Matt Patchan (whose tweets are included farther below):

  • Josh Keyes, who played for Addazio in 2012 and 2013 and went on to play in the NFL, reacted to the news by tweeting the following:

Keyes later posted his full story:

  • Former Boston College SID Chris Cameron reacted to Andre William’s story (and also liked a lot of anti- Addazio tweets):
  • Cameron also backed up former Heights writer Michael Sullivan’s story of being called out by Addazio for being critical after BC losses:
  • A former Boston College employee also reached out to BC Interruption under the condition of anonymity to share two stories: that Addazio was known to have thrown chairs at meetings (which has been corroborated by a second anonymous source) and that Addazio attended at least one fundraising event for another program (in this case men’s basketball) and ended up convincing donors to give money to football instead, damaging his relationship with other members of BC athletics.


  • Lukas Denis, who played for BC from 2015-2018 tweeted the following, which seems like it is probably anti-Daz but could go either way? Or could just be a huge coincidence?
  • And Anthony Brown, who has been at BC since 2016 and has struggled with injuries, went with a single emoji:
  • Ifeanyi Momah, who left BC just before Addazio joined the staff, didn’t comment on the former head coach but did add support for Rich Gunnell:


  • Former Boston College football player Matt Patchan, who played for Addazio in 2013 as a transfer, took to Twitter to share his positive feelings about the former coach:
  • Myles Willis, who played for Addazio from 2013-2016, tagged onto Patchan’s comments with more support for Daz:
  • Boston College football alumnus Will Blackmon, who played at BC long before Addazio took over coaching duties, engaged with lots of retweets and likes about the coaching change, but he also wrote his own positive statement:
  • Sean Sylvia, who played for Addazio in 2013 and 2014, supported Blackmon’s statement:

We will be updating this post as more players speak up, regardless of whether they are anti-Daz or pro-Daz.