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The Idiot’s Guide to Week 11

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Football Game Photo by Stock Montage/Getty Images

Well we’re up to Week 11, and we thought we’d try a new feature here on BC Interruption. So here is a completely ill-informed, really dumb preview of the week’s games ahead.

Thursday, Nov. 7

Coastal Carolina over Louisiana

Temple over @ South Florida

I get that the pirate ship at Raymond James Stadium is for the Buccaneers, and USF’s mascot is the Bulls, but I feel like they are missing out on a huge opportunity to not use it during games. Like come on, you have this huge pirate ship with working cannons just sitting there doing nothing for four hours for like six Saturdays out of the year. Do something with it. Teams that don’t do something with it don’t beat Temple.

Friday Nov. 8

UCF over @ Tulsa

The American is a weird, weird place man. You have a team that made a really strong argument for why the College Football Playoff is a burning dumpster fire of terribleness against… Tulsa. Nothing against Tulsa, but like, c’mon, it’s Tulsa. I barely even knew that Tulsa was FBS. And the game is IN Tulsa! This feels like when the Big East once upon a time was playing in gyms as small as Jake Nevin Fieldhouse at Villanova. It’s like the American is like “yeah, we’re going to have teams that are good enough to compete with the big boys, but let’s delegitimize them by making them play in stadiums smaller than my high school’s.”

Washington over @ Oregon State

Saturday Nov. 9

Ohio State way, way over @ Maryland

Imagine thinking that Georgia is somehow better without Justin Fields. That is a thing people think.

Baylor over @ TCU

Minnesota over Penn State

Isn’t it so Big Ten to play the biggest game in conference at 12 PM Eastern time. It’ll be 11 AM local time. Like these are two of the best teams in the country, and they are getting relegated to the game I watched as a kid when I was at the sub shop in Hamilton I used to go to with my parents. (Shoutout to Classic Subs in Hamilton, y’all are always the best).

Kansas State over @ Texas

Texas is not back y’all.

Washington State over Cal

Stanford over @ Colorado

Michigan State over Illinois

Florida State over @ Boston College

Perhaps the 12 PM start time with a matchup with little juice will be the wake up call BC needs to take what was once a really touching tribute to one of BC's bravest alumni from what it has become: a not so subtle marketing ploy that has very little connection to the thing it is supposed to be honoring.

Purdue and Northwestern are apparently playing each other

You don’t care about this game, stop complaining that I didn’t pick it.

Florida over Vanderbilt

SMU over East Carolina

Virginia over Georgia Tech

How did Virginia get good? Like I know the Coastal is a dumpster fire, but Virginia has gotten to the point that it has been consistently good for a not insignificant amount of time now. Kind of makes you wonder.

West Virginia over Texas Tech

Western Kentucky over Arkansas

ESPN doesn’t note that Arkansas is in the SEC on the schedule. I, too, as a Georgia fan, don’t claim Arkansas either.

Army over UMass

You would think Army would be above playing FCS teams.

Old Dominion over UTSA

Today in “two teams you didn’t know were FBS,” we have two teams I know absolutely nothing about playing each other. Old Dominion is a pretty good band that toured in Athens last year, so I’ll take them. Who cares if the football team namesake is a dumpster fire, I’m jamming to Song for Another Time.

Air Force over @ New Mexico

Charlotte over @ UTEP

Texas State over South Alabama

LSU over @ Alabama

It’s going to be really awkward when students at Alabama realize they can’t leave this one early.

Cincinatti over UConn

LOL this is a conference game isn’t it!

Wake Forest over @ Va. Tech

How in a conference with Florida State, Miami, Pittsburgh and Va. Tech, Wake Forest is the second best team in the conference should tell you how weird this season has been for the ACC. Like, all of the props in the world to Wake Forest and their fanbase, good on them, but you’re lying to yourself if you saw a team from Winston-Salem being the second best team in all the land of the ACC.

Georgia Southern over @ Troy

Georgia Southern beat App. State last week. Georgia Southern are giant slayers. You will bow down to our new Georgia Southern overlords.

Miami over Louisville

USC over @ Arizona State

UAB over @ Southern Mississippi

This game is going to be on the NFL Network you guys! I remember when the NFL Network broadcasted its first college football game, the Texas Bowl with Rutgers and Kansas State. They were all talking about whether Ray Rice was going to leave early for the NFL.
I’m old you guys.

North Texas over @ Louisiana Tech

Ole Miss over New Mexico State

Any Ole Miss fan who makes fun of me for being a BC fan will be directed to a secondary ticketing market where I can get tickets to this game for $2. I might just buy tickets to it just to prove a point. This feels like an @emptyseatpics game.

Georgia State over @ UL Monroe

After beating Tennessee early in the season, Georgia State has put together a really respectable season and is bowl eligible this year. On the one hand, it would be foolish to say that Georgia State is better than their in-state SEC cohorts. On the other hand, Georgia State didn’t lose to South Carolina, so who really knows?

Florida Atlantic over Florida International

Florida Gulf Coast needs to get a football program so we can have a battle of the coasts, a rivalry matchup that will excite just me, apparently.

Georgia over Missouri

Please, please don’t lose this game.

Appalachian State over @ South Carolina

Will Muschamp is going to parlay a five win season into a contract extension because they beat Georgia, just you watch.

Utah State over @ Fresno State

Clemson over @ NC State

why is this an abc game. seriously why.

Notre Dame over @ Duke

The two most obnoxious fanbases (albeit in basketball for Duke) taking on each other, though there is a pretty clear rooting interest here. Notre Dame is really vulnerable, so nothing would really surprise me, but I think the Irish win this one.

Kentucky over Tennessee

BYU over Liberty

Oklahoma over Iowa State

Boise State over Wyoming

I had to Google Boise State to make sure this isn’t an in-state rivalry. We don’t call it the Idiot’s Guide for nothing.

San Diego State over Nevada

Hawai’i over San Jose State

How does Hawai’i not have a perfect home record in perpetuity, their opponents need to travel an ocean away to play.