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The Idiots’ Guide to Week 13

NCAA Football: Alabama at Auburn Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Well it is a big week for Boston College, but there is a lot of football going on.

Shoutout to everyone who left a comment last week, it feels good to hear that people are reading. These previews are hard, but hopefully I have a bunch of good matchups to preview this week. So let’s see!

Thursday, Nov. 21

Ga. Tech over NC State


The fact that a 2-8 Georgia Tech team is favored over NC State should show how bad NC State has been this year. But I'm sure the ACC media will put them in like third or something next year in the division.

Friday, Nov. 22

Wyoming over Colorado State

Saturday, Nov. 23

Ohio State over Penn State

Seriously, who is in charge of scheduling the Big 10? This may be the biggest matchup in the conference this year, and it’s scheduled just around the west coast is waking up. They have got to get some better scheduling, this is an ABC primetime game. Instead people are going to have split time between College Gameday (that the OSU fanbase is boycotting for some reason?) and the game that is going to start right after Gameday goes off the air.

Alabama over The Team That They Paid to Play Before Auburn

Minnesota over Northwestern

If you’re not sad about last week I can’t help you.

Auburn over The Team They Paid to Play Before Alabama

Burn all late-season buy games with fire.

Iowa over Illinois

OK State over West Virginia

Iowa State over Kansas

BYU over Seriously How Is UMass Not FCS Yet

East Carolina over UConn

East Carolina is only a 14.5 point favorite against UConn? Yeesh.

UCF over Tulane

Ball State over Kent State

Virginia over Liberty

Seriously, Power Five teams should not be playing teams this far beneath them this deep into the season.

Michigan State over Rutgers

What did I just say?

Georgia State over South Alabama

Air Force over New Mexico

Notre Dame over Boston College

God have mercy on the BC defense.

App. State over Texas State

Georgia Southern over Arkansas State

Georgia over Texas A&M

Fire Gary Danielson. Seriously, those sidelines are so dangerous, and having been down there/known people down there, that was the absolute worst case scenario. Thank God she was ok, and please find someone else to do SEC games.

Michigan over Indiana

Baylor over Texas


SMU over What Notre Dame Left of Navy

North Carolina over Mercer

Va. Tech over Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh looking past Va. Tech to the much more important opponent next week.

Charlotte over Marshall

UAB over La. Tech

N. Texas over Ricer

WKU over So. Miss

Nebraska over Maryland

I know this is a conference game, but, like, why?

Vanderbilt over You Don’t Care About Vanderbilt

Kentucky over Seriously Is Anyone in the SEC Other Than A&M And Georgia Playing An Actual Team?

LSU over Arkansas

A simple no would have sufficed guys.

Wisconsin over Purdue

Memphis over South Florida

UTEP over Aggievision

Cal over Stanford

So Patrick doesn’t kill me.

Louisville over Syracuse

UNLV over San Jose St.

Middle Tennessee over Old Dominion

Coastal Carolina over ULM

Louisiana over Troy


Cincinatti over Temple

Miami over FIU

Texas Tech over K-State

Did you know Texas Tech’s law school had the second highest bar passage rate in Texas in 2013? Good for them!

Oregon over ASU

Houston over Tulsa

Mississippi State over ok I'm just gonna ignore the SEC this week

Mizzou over Tennessee

Wake Forest over Duke

Oklahoma over TCU

Wazzu over Oregon State

Utah over Arizona

Arizona Stadium is not a cool enough name for a stadium for the team playing in it to be good.

Washington over Colorado

Boise State over Utah State

I almost picked Utah State, I really did.

Fresno State over Nevada

San Diego State over Hawai’i