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The Idiot’s Guide to Week 12

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Rutgers and Princeton Football Game

Well we had a crazy week in the world of college football. Let’s dig in to next week:

Thursday, Nov 14

Buffalo over @ Kent State

Pittsburgh over North Carolina

Pittsburgh may lose this game to North Carolina. Pittsburgh still has a chance at the ACC Coastal championship. Both these statements are true. The ACC is garbage.

Friday, Nov. 15

Marshall over Louisiana Tech

San Diego State over Fresno State

Saturday, Nov. 16

Florida over @ Missouri

This is going to be a close game. Missouri has been really strong at home, and but for Rodrigo Blankenship Missouri would have been far more competitive last week.

Wisconsin over @ Nebraska

Penn State over @ Indiana


Alabama over @ Mississippi State

Do I think the fact that Georgia is one spot over Alabama is justifiable? Yes. Do I think Georgia is better than Alabama? No.

Michigan over Michigan State

Oklahoma State over Kansas

Florida State over Arkansas State

Something something something Arkansas State defense better than Boston College defense joke.

TCU over @ Texas Tech

Northwestern over UMass

Someone thinks that someone would be willing to pay $2 to watch this game?

Tulane over @ Temple


Navy over Notre Dame

The Irish are going to look past to this game to a far more notable game, the Holy War next week.

BYU over Idaho State

Troy over @ Texas State

Troy’s mascot is the Trojans, which makes sense, but would anyone really blame them if they changed their mascot to the Northern short-tails shrew? It’s indigenous to Alabama, and it’ll keep everyone on their toes! Just saying.

Arkansas State over Coastal Carolina

The Harvard of the South over UL Monroe

Ohio State over @ Rutgers

How does a conference game in a power five conference have a 52 point spread. This sport is so stupid.

Clemson over Wake Forest

Thirty-four and a half isn’t much better. And Wake Forest is probably the second best team in the conference!

Georgia over @ Auburn

Bulldawg Nation is in for a rude awakening when Rodrigo Blankenship graduates.,Seriously he has carried this team on his back far more than any kicker should reasonably be expected to. Don’t believe me? Check this out:

Memphis over @ Houston

Texas over @ Iowa State

Football people really will seize any opportunity to catapult Texas to a place they really have no place being.

K-State over West Virginia

Ball State over Central Michigan

Va. Tech over Ga. Tech

Kentucky over Vanderbilt

Minnesota over @ Iowa

Minnesota in the CFP is not the result we deserve but a result we all should want.

Duke over Syracuse

Hawai’i over @ UNLV

Utah State over Wyoming

Washington State over Stanford

Middle Tennessee over Rice

There are way too many Division I teams.

Louisiana over South Alabama

Southern Miss over UTSA

LSU over @ Ole Miss

Joe Burrow for Heisman.

Cincinatti over @ South Florida

USF’s basketball arena is sponsored by Yuengling. Do they not allow unions there either?

Air Force over @ Colorado State

Baylor over Oklahoma

Take Baylor and the 10 point spread. Best money you’ve ever spent.

Appalachian State over America’s Team

Texas A&M over South Carolina

Louisville over @ NC State

NC State got demolished by BC and I still really can’t understand why.

Arizona State over @ Oregon State

Utah over UCLA

Give me Utah/Minnesota in the CFP championship or give me death.

Boise State over New Mexcio

Oregon over Arizona

Cal over USC

Happy now, Patrick?