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Boston College Men’s Hockey Falls to UNH


BC Hockey on Twitter

While it is only November, it’s looking like it’ll be a long season for BC MIH this year.

BC looked like the stronger team for a lot of tonight’s game, but were handed a tough loss two minutes into overtime at UNH, losing 1-0 off a shot that was tipped in. The Eagles had plenty of scoring chances that they just couldn’t finish on, and the power play continued to struggle, going 0-for-3 on the night. BC finished with 28 shots on goal, but weren’t able to get through UNH’s goalie.

Things could definitely go up from here especially since the season is long and unpredictable, but after four straight losses it’s fairly concerning that the team that began the season 2-0 is looking more and more like last year’s team. This group is immensely talented, and it would be incredibly disappointing if they don’t improve over the next few games.