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Previewing Boston College Men’s Hockey v. New Hampshire

New Hampshire Wildcats v Boston College Eagles Photo by Steve Babineau/Getty Images

Weeeeee’re not going to talk about last week.

This is a new week for the Eagles, who take on the New Hampshire in Durham before traveling down to Providence to seek revenge on the Friars. We’re going to focus first on New Hampshire.

Stats y’all

Shooting Percentage: BC 10.7% (No. 19), UNH 10.8% (No. 18)

PP/PK Split: BC 9.1%, 74.1%, UNH: 31.8%, 83.3%

Average Age: BC 20.11, UNH 21.7

Breaking Down the Game:

  1. Stay out of the box: Twenty-five infraction minutes and four power plays is far too much to give to a good offensive team, and UNH’s power play has been absolutely deadly early in the season. BC had a really strong game on the Corsi front (47-44), and even won the Corsi battle on the power play. It is not hard to imagine that BC would have been a lot stronger without taking as many penalties.
  2. On the Rebound: This is not a good weekend for the Eagles to have a good memory. BC will be playing two very solid teams on the road, so it behoves the Eagles to move past last weekend.

Random Wikipedia Fact about New Hampshire

The main library at UNH can seat 1,200 students.

Drink of the Game

Iced Coffee

It’s been a really long week. Like really long week. Law school is hard. Hooray caffeine.

Players To Watch:

Look for Charlie Kelleher and Jackson Pierson to play a huge role for the Wildcats.

.gif of the game


I’ll take BC 3-2 in overtime.

Oh wait, nothing actually happens in overtime because the NCAA didn’t fix it.

2-2 tie.