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Boston College Loses to NC State

The Eagles take home their third ACC loss

Boston College Athletics, John Quackenbos

Though the Eagles took home their first loss in this road trip against NC State yesterday, they put up a good fight against this ACC team. Sam Smith had the first shot on goal of the night with a header blocked by a defender. A bit of back and forth continued, but the Wolfpack’s Jameese Joseph got the ball past Allie Augur for the first goal of the night. NC State struck again to secure their win in the last five minutes with a shot from the top of the penalty box by Tziarra King. Gianna Mitchell was close to a goal in the last minute, but just went wide.

This is the first time the Eagles were held off and then shutout this season, but Augur still managed to hang onto three big saves. Boston College is remains on the road this week, with the next ACC matchup against Pitt this Thursday, Oct. 10 at 7pm.