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Boston College Men’s Basketball: Final Thoughts and Predictions vs. Florida State

NCAA Basketball: Boston College at Louisville Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Jim Christian will lead his team and its five game losing streak into a battle with yet another top 25 team, the #11 Florida State Seminoles.

It was good to see Jordan Chatman get his jumper going against Louisville earlier in the week, but BC needs to find a way to get healthy. Wynston Tabbs, Steffon Mitchell, and Chatman have all missed games and it seems like the Eagles haven’t been at full strength since before the come from behind win at DePaul.

Keys to Beating the Seminoles

Jairus Hamilton needs to play well. The athletic forward has done a good job recently as he’s adjusted to the speed of the college game. Florida State boasts several long, bouncy athletes at the forward positions, so it’s crucial that Hamilton holds his own in that regard. Additionally, limiting turnovers is important in any game, but especially against an athletic team that can kill you in transition the way the Seminoles can. Expect the Eagles to try to slow this down, run methodical offense and try to beat Leonard Hamilton’s squad at home for the second consecutive year.


Matt: 71-65 BC

Katie: 81-77 BC

Toppin: 85-81 FSU

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Matt O’Neil