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Boston College 62 Holy Cross 14: Thumbs Up Thumbs Downs

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What went right and what went wrong

NCAA Football: Holy Cross at Boston College Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

The Boston College Eagles took care of the Holy Cross Crusaders in front of 41,000 at Alumni Stadium yesterday. While it’s important not to put too much into these FCS games, let’s look at what went wrong and what went right in the blowout.


AJ Dillon: From the first time he touched the ball, it was clear that Dillon would not be denied against Holy Cross. They could not tackle him, he was too fast and powerful, and Addazio got him out of the game after three VERY EASY touchdowns. Nice quick tuneup for the Heisman hopeful, who probably didn’t even break a sweat against Holy Cross.

Wyatt Ray: Had four tackles, a sack and two tackles for a loss. While many of the first team defenders stayed in for quite a bit, it was Ray who stood out.

EJ Perry IV: Anthony Brown was an apparition in the game, it was Perry who played most of it, and I was honestly impressed. He made some nice reads, some nice throws and what impressed me the most was that when he tucked it and ran he had some decent wheels. Finished the game 9/12 for two touchdowns.

Yanking The Starters Early: There were plenty of people out there that though Daz did the wrong thing by pulling AJ Dillon, Kobay White, much of the O-Line, Tommy Sweeney and Anthony Brown when the Eagles went up 21-0. Look, there wasn’t anything they could show against a team like Holy Cross. I’m sure BC faces stronger opposition in practice, and those players won’t take a cheap shot or a hit that could hurt them. Wake Forest is up on Thursday, BC needs their starters rested and ready, and this is exactly what Daz did. He got them in, let them make some plays and rested them up. It was perfect because it allowed...

Players Who Haven’t Had A Chance To Shine: I have to say the new redshirt rule made this really fun, because it allowed Steve Addazio to throw the underclassmen out there and see real game action. We saw big plays by CJ Lewis, Hunter Long, Matt MacDonald, Noah Jordan Williams, John Tessitore, and Ben Glines. On defense it was Vinnie DePalma, TJ Raynam, Drew McQuarrie, Curt Bletzer, and Bryce Morais all getting major minutes. Always great for the program to see these kids getting a chance to play in front of the home crowd.

This Matchup: Look was it pretty? No. But BC sold 41k tickets, if that is going to become a trend, they need to schedule Holy Cross often. Fans showed up, Holy Cross players looked like they were having fun out there (when they weren’t getting hurt by our starters). Much better than the 30k we average against Villanova, Wagner and Maine.


Punt Protection: Let me blunt, what the heck was that? I haven’t had a chance to go back and rewatch it, so let’s hope that the two blocked punts were caused by younger players mixed in like the announcers thought. The two blocked punts were really bad, it seemed like a complete jailbreak up front. Addazio better have that fixed for the Wake Forest game, again this is only if the starters were in there.

Some Execution Issues: It was again more the second stringers, but there were some mistakes in there that hopefully Daz will work on. CJ Lewis had a bad drop, as did one of the tight ends, David Bailey fumbled one away. There were some penalties as well. Again, it was the second string, but certainly things to work on.

Holy Cross Injuries: It was really hard to watch as a much bigger BC team really laid the wood on some of the smaller Holy Cross players.

That’s it, really not much more to take away from a game like this. Now on to Wake Forest.