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Boston College vs. Holy Cross: Final Thoughts And Predictions

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A new edition of a historic rivalry

NCAA Football: Massachusetts at Boston College Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

It has been 32 years since the Boston College Eagles and Holy Cross Crusaders last faced off, and it wasn’t close. Before retreating to the Patriot league, HC had lost quite a few in a row to the Eagles and Saturday should be no different. It’s BC’s annual FCS-sacrifice game, a perfect opportunity to get the bottom of the roster some valuable snaps which should be even easier due to the new redshirt rules, while Holy Cross will leave Alumni Stadium with a nice paycheck to help their athletic program. Like it or not, FCS games are part of the landscape for most conferences (B1G excluded). There isn’t going to be much to this game, get in there, escape any big injuries, and let the kids play. Without delay

Keys To Victory

  1. Escape Without Injury: The starters should be yanked at quickly as possible and saved for the Wake Forest game which is on Thursday. Look, if you left AJ Dillon in there, he could get 6 touchdowns against Holy Cross, but you also run the risk of his physical running style causing an injury and missing Thursday game, and that changes the whole outlook on that game and the season. Please, get a 20 point lead and get Anthony Brown, AJ Dillon, Tommy Sweeney, Connor Strachan Lukas Denis, Zach Allen, Will Harris and any other valuable starter out of the game.
  2. End it Quick: The quicker BC can run up the score, the quicker the starters can get out of the game and the odds injury happen will lessen. Just end it, and quick.
  3. Play Vanilla Football: There is no reason to give Wake Forest any game tape that they can study. Throw a few runs, a few play action passes, and a few jet sweeps and that is it. Keep any gadget play or new formation secret for now.
  4. Improve On Mistakes: Let’s see a crisp game on special teams and against the pass. Would love to see fewer mistakes (which happen), but a nice 4 quarters of flawless football would be nice.
  5. Let’s See The Kids: As I mentioned before, this is the perfect game for EJ Perry, Matt McDonald and a bevy of other kids to get into the game at home. Would be great for Daz to see what he has with some of his underclassmen.

Beer of the Week:

Bottle Rocket Pale Ale - Wormtown Brewery: With Holy Cross coming in, I had to go with a beer from a Worcester Brewery. Be Hoppy is the flagship beer of Wormtown, and is rather delicious but Bottle Rocket is another great alternative. Wormtown has a new area for trying their beers, and their brewery has a ton of new options (last year they had a Dark Roast Dunkins Stout which I never got to try). so definitely get to the Woo if you haven’t and try the brewery.

Absolutely Necessary Rap Song Of The Week

Wu-Tang Clan- Da Mystery of ShadowBoxin: Again it’s a Woo themed Final Thoughts, and I had to go with the Clan here. Great track, and a timeless album.

AJ’s Power of Positivity Thought Of The Week:

Play Calling Fun! Last week I talked about how great it was that finally Boston College had dudes, and not only dudes but talented dudes, up and down the line. What was a lot of fun to watch Scot Loeffler and Daz really mixing up the plays and having UMass guessing last weekend. Isn’t that what we always wanted?

Pregame Food Of The Week-

Fried Dough: We are on the eve of fair season in New England, and what better on a cooler fall day than a little fried dough with some powdered sugar? Now it clearly won’t be a main dish for any tailgate at home or at Alumni Stadium, but it is perfect for a game, especially with a warm fresh Apple Cider.

Prediction Thread: AJ won last week predicting UMass’s score perfectly, and only missing on BC’s score by 10. Closest of the group.

AJ Black (1): 55-6 BC. This isn’t going to be anything resembling fun. BC will probably have 42-45 points by the half and just run the clock out in the second.

Coach JF: BC 65-3. There is a reason that what once was BC’s biggest rivalry game was stopped 32 years ago. It got out of control then. It is only an even bigger mismatch now

Matt O: 49-10 BC

Arthur B: 71-0 BC

Eric H : 59-10 BC

Kate B: 41-14 BC

Rich: 66-6 BC, nothing holy about this one.

Grant: 63-0 BC. Pulling the starters won’t even help much

Laura: 59-13 BC

Patrick: 70-0 BC. This may make Howard look good in comparison. Stadium is empty by halftime

Superfan Thermometer: 1/10. A rivalry that fans younger than 40 won’t remember, doesn’t really move the needle for me. I do however know who will be excited...

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