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BCI Banter: Recapping UMass and Looking Ahead To Holy Cross

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NCAA Football: Massachusetts at Boston College Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

AJ: Week one is in the books, and the Boston College Eagles stomped UMass in a very convincing win. In a game that Boston College needed to come out and make a statement, they did Eric what about Saturday’s game impressed you most?

Eric: It was just the beatdown from beginning to end. The team just had “the look” of a top 25 team imposing its will on an opponent. You knew after watching five minutes of that game that UMass wasn’t even in the same stratosphere as BC. Even back in 2016 when BC beat UMass by 19 you didn’t know the game was over until the 2nd half. This had a totally difference feel.. AJ, what about you?

AJ: The tight ends were a revelation against the Minutemen. I expected Tommy Sweeney to really be a big name, and he was completely a non-factor against UMass, and you know what? That is completely fine. What really impressed me was the play of the other tight ends. I thought Hunter Long looked like a legit threat, and he’s only a redshirt freshman. Korab Idrizi will be a consistent threat, along with Jake Burt. Just a whole lot of depth there and that is exciting. What they bring to the gameplan is also big, because now Addazio and Loeffler can trot out two tight ends and cycle out all sorts of pass, play action and run plays that’ll keep defenses baffled. It really is a great new wrinkle to this offense.

Eric, AJ Dillon only found the end zone once, while Davon Jones got two goal line touchdowns for the Eagles. Did that bother you?

Eric: No, not really. If Dillon is going to win the Heisman then BC is going to have to win the ACC and Dillon is going to have to perform huge against powerhouse programs in big spots. To me that’s much more important than putting up video game numbers against UMass.

Derrick Henry was the last RB to win the Heisman and I think we can agree that he is a similar style back to Dillon. He had 52 yards and a TD in a September game against UL Monroe and 96 yards and 2 TD in a November game against Charleston Southern.

If you want to go back to Mark Ingram, he put up 103 total yards and a TD against Florida International in the second game of the year. AJ’s performance on Saturday was actually better than two of the three games I mentioned above. I think putting up video game numbers helps but in the long run the other two criteria I mentioned above are more important.

AJ: Let’s keep talking about Dillon. Now that he is catching passes what is that doing for the offense?

Eric: It was great to see for sure. I think in the big picture it will help open up the passing game more. I’m excited to see what it looks like against an opponent like Wake in a week.

AJ: Daz talked about Dillon being a pass catcher, and I didn’t believe it until I saw it. What stunned me was that when they play action, and went to pass, Dillon was wide open. This is going to start major matchup problems for defenses, because now they are going to need to assign a defender on Dillon at all times, otherwise Brown is going to check down to him and he’s going to have 1-1 matchups and eat defenders for lunch. If they do defend Dillon that will leave tight ends with favorable matchups, either with a slower linebacker or a safety. Again, plays right into BC’s favor.

Eric: The first week in football is prone to be a time where analysts and fans overreact to a single game. AJ, overreact about BC’s remaining schedule.

AJ: This is right in my wheelhouse Eric so let me go completely off the rails here. First off, Syracuse’s defense looked awful, true they won, but they also let up almost 600 yards to freaking Western Michigan. Florida State was a mess, their offensive line is going to be a major problem this year. Louisville, I need to see more from, because they ran into the buzzsaw known as Alabama and most teams will look like they did. Miami, woof. Purdue has no defensive front line, but man that freshman wide receiver is going to be a problem and BREATHES…..Clemson will be Clemson. Done.

Eric, any thoughts on BC’s schedule after the first week?

Eric: I’ve been talking about Miami being a little overrated with its top 10 ranking and that thrashing against LSU only further solidified my feelings. You have to hope they look a little better in the weeks to come because I think we all want that Friday night game to mean something in front of the national TV audience.

Two Minute Drill

AJ: Mark Herzlich was released by the NY Giants, Eric what is your favorite memory of #94?

Eric: Obviously his return from cancer was a great moment and no doubt my favorite memory. I have to say though that his 2008 season was one of the top seasons I’ve ever seen from a BC defensive player and maybe the best of all time. He was the ACC Defensive Player of the Year and might have been the biggest reason that team got to the ACC Championship game.

AJ: It looks like the superfan shirt tradition is dead. What is your favorite remaining tradition for students.

Eric: Getting plastered in the Mods before the game? How about you, Aj?

AJ: I posted on Twitter yesterday about this, I love the playing of Mr. Brightside by the Killers and the entire student section belting along with it after the song ends. It’s pretty awesome.

Eric, what team showed you the most on Saturday, and who showed that they aren’t what you thought they were?

Eric: I was stupid to believe in Michigan. Harbaugh just can’t seem to adapt to a more modern offense. On the flip side I was really impressed with VT. I don’t know if FSU is any good, but to go on the road and make the ‘Noles look THAT bad at night is impressive.