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Boston College Football 2018: Holy Cross Kickoff

It’s time to return to an old rivalry

Massachusetts v Boston College

When people bring up Boston College Eagles rivalries there are sure to be names that pop up. The Notre Dame Fighting Irish. Virginia Tech Hokies. But what about the Holy Cross Crusaders? In terms of games played, the two have faced off 82 times in their storied histories, with the Eagles holding a 48-31-3 lead. The rivalry started with BC winning 5 of the first 7 starting in 1896, then Holy Cross went on a tear winning six in a row. The biggest game of the series was in 1942 when the Crusaders beat an undefeated BC team at Fenway Park. After the game was the tragic Cocoanut Club fire that killed 492 in Boston, a club that BC was planning to attend for a victory party. In years after, the two teams traded wins for most of the twentieth century, until BC started asserting their dominance winning 17 out of 20 when the Crusaders headed to the Patriot League.

Well, they are back, and it’s the first matchup between the two in over 30 years. The nostalgia is gone, and there is little doubt who is going to win. This may not be an exciting game, but hey at least there is some history there and that is a good thing especially when it is an FBS/FCS game.

It’s BC’s annual FCS sacrifice and this is a game that really should just be a focus on getting some reps in, and letting the 2nd and 3rd string see the field. While it would be nice to see AJ Dillon run for 8 touchdowns, I wouldn’t expect him to see the field that much, especially if the Eagles jump out early. The number one thing BC should be hoping for is to escape this game with no injuries. The last thing they need is to lose a starter due to an injury against Holy Cross.

This week there won’t be an interview, but all of the other BCI features that you know and love will be back. And if there is any breaking news of course that will be covered as well. Go Eagles!