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Boston College vs. Temple: Final Thoughts And Predictions

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Can the Eagles bounce back after last week’s loss?

Holy Cross v Boston College Photo by Omar Rawlings/Getty Images

It took only one game for the Boston College Eagles to lose their national ranking and slide back into the middle of the NCAA football pack. But it wasn’t just a loss, it was how the Eagles lost that was so worrisome. The offense was a shell of its former self, the play calling was conservative at best and timid at worst, and the team looked like they gave up by the fourth quarter. But this is a new week, and it is time to see how the Eagles react to getting punched in the face. The coaching staff has said all the right things this week, Anthony Brown is a leader, and the rest of the team is hungry and angry. That is good, that is what we are going to want to see tomorrow against the Temple Owls. AJ Dillon is going to need to show that he is still the dynamic back that, and the offensive line is one that can bully around any opponent. It’s Parent’s Weekend also, so the crowd should be there this week, hopefully energized, so it’s time to get back into that win column.

Keys To Victory

  1. AJ Dillon Is Effective Running North To South: One of the most frustrating part of watching AJ Dillon run on Saturday was how much he relied on bouncing the run to the outside. It became so predictiable that the Purdue Boilermakers defenders cheated to the outside and were just waiting for him. He’s a big physical guy, he needs to establish those inside runs, which will get him 4-5 yards and in turn positively impact the play action and 3rd down effectiveness. Let that offensive line do it’s work, and don’t go for the home run on every run. It’ll come, but don’t force it, otherwise he’ll struggle again.
  2. Play Action (Especially on 1st Down): Jon Meterparel and Pete Cronin talked about how in the first half of Saturday’s game BC threw the ball once on first down. That is a mind blowing stat and one that doesn’t speak well about the ingenuity of the coaching staff. Scot Loeffler and Steve Addazio have to mix it up more than that if they are expecting to keep defenses honest. By throwing in a few of those, it will open up more lanes for Dillon and the offense will click again.
  3. Limit Mistakes: I’m not going to get into all of them from last Saturday, but there were close to a dozen bad mistakes the Eagles made on the road. Temple isn’t a strong team, and BC can’t gift them extra downs and opportunities. Limit the turnovers, dropped passes and dumb penalties and this game should be fine.
  4. Get Physical: I haven’t really mentioned it since last week’s loss, but the lack of physicality was stunning. Tackling was sloppy, offensive line got little or no push. Addazio said this week that the team is angry, and ready to respond, this is a mind set that I hope the entire roster takes on Saturday. Look for explosiveness off the ball by the offensive line, and swarming the ball on defense.
  5. 3rd Down Efficiency: BC’s defense on Saturday was atrocious on 3rd down allowing Purdue to convert on 8 of 18, which kept those drives moving, especially in the first half. On the other side of the ball, long 3rd downs killed the Eagles, and forced them into predictable play calling and no success. Both of these need to be fixed for Saturday.

Beer of the Week:

Lord Hobo: Boom Sauce. A great microbrewery based out of Woburn, this is yet another IPA but one that is desperately needed. BC needs the boom sauce on Saturday, get that explosive offense back and going and to take care of a team that they should beat easily.

Absolutely Necessary Rap Song Of The Week

Lil Wayne: Fireman. Time for the Eagles to get out there and put out the fire that engulfed their gameplan last week. Couldn’t help but pick a song by Lil Wayne as well, as his album Da Carter V dropped this week.

AJ’s Power of Positivity Thought Of The Week:

There is no way BC can play as poorly as they did last week, I don’t think there is a physical way that they could. Addazio may be a questionable in game tactician, but he seems to be a great motivator of his troops, and I believe he will have this squad ready to roll. I have to believe that the leaders on this team, guys like Zach Allen, Anthony Brown and Tommy Sweeney are going to be angry and ready to vent their anger on Temple.

Pregame Food Of The Week-

Clam Chowder: It’s dreary, getting cold and fall has hit. Make a nice New England creamy clam chowder with crackers and it can feed an entire tailgate. Funny story, in the Black household this dish is cursed. In two different instances we have had clam chowder somehow fall out of the back of our SUV and onto the street and another time (USC game) where it tipped over in the front seat. While, I love this dish, my in laws have banned it.

Staff Predictions (Everyone failed last week, as we all picked BC to win, no points were awarded).

AJ Black (1): 31-14 BC. I think the Eagles jump out to an early lead, assert themselves on both sides of the line and win this easy. Temple will probably get their second touchdown in garbage time.

Laura (1): 24-10 BC.

Grant (1): BC 30, Temple 10. It’ll be fine.

Coach JF: BC 35 Temple 17. Last week’s disappointing trip to Purdue proved to me that even 4 weeks into the season this team is still a bit of a mystery to me. That said, back in the win column

Matt O: 35-10 BC

Arthur B: 35-7 BC. This is a game that seems facially inexcusable to lose, so.

Eric H : 38-21 BC

Kate B: 24-7 BC

Rich: BC 35 Temple 17:

Patrick: 28-17 BC

Peter: 34 - 14 Eagles BC bounces back with ferocity.... and a missed PAT to stay somewhat consistent

Prediction Poll: What do you think will happen?


BC vs Temple: What Do You Predict?

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  • 37%
    BC wins by 14+
    (180 votes)
  • 29%
    BC wins by 7-13
    (139 votes)
  • 10%
    BC wins by 1-6
    (49 votes)
  • 12%
    Temple Wins by 1-6
    (60 votes)
  • 10%
    Temple Wins by 7+
    (51 votes)
479 votes total Vote Now


Superfan Thermometer: 4/10.

Cross your fingers that BC goes out there and looks like the team we saw against the Wake Forest Demons and not the team we saw against Purdue. A little nervous that might not happen.

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Podcast: Check out this week’s BCI Radio episode as AJ and Eric talk even more about Temple and BC.