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BCI Banter: Talking Steve Addazio, Offensive Scheme Issues And Purdue

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Boston College v Purdue Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

AJ: It’s tough to come back and write these posts after a horrific loss, but you have to take the good with the bad. Last week the Boston College Eagles lost 30-13 in a lopsided beat down in West Lafayette, Indiana against the Purdue Boilermakers. Their B1G foe exposed many of BC’s weaknesses, and forced AJ Dillon into basically a spectator, while Anthony Brown looked overwhelmed on the field. Eric what was the most concerning part of Saturday’s loss?

Eric: My biggest concern was the offensive line in the first half. They got dominated by an average at best Purdue front seven. Also, I don’t know why AJ Dillon was trying to bounce so many runs outside, but that seems easily correctable. AJ, what about you, you were feeling really positive going into this game. What concerned you the most?

AJ: It was the laundry list of mistakes and missed opportunities that the team created. Will Harris had an easy interception that could have changed the complexion of the game, but it was called back by Zach Allen being offsides, Tommy Sweeney missed a touchdown catch when he didn’t really go hard for the ball, and all those interceptions. It was just a big sloppy mess up and down the roster, and BC has to clean up those mistakes if they want to start winning again.

Eric, one of the biggest disappointments this weekend was the play of AJ Dillon. What went wrong, and how can Steve Addazio and Scot Loeffler adjust the offense to make sure that doesn’t happen again/

Eric: I thought he was trying to bounce everything outside. One of the many great parts of Dillon’s game is that he picks up four or five yards even when there’s no hole for him to get through. When he started bouncing everything outside that dynamic of his game was lost. AJ, we are now on to the Temple Owls. They are 2-2, but have won the last two games against the Maryland Terrapins and Tulsa Golden Hurricanes. Are you at all worried about this game?

AJ: It all depends on what BC team shows up to Alumni Stadium on Saturday. If Daz gets them to focus again, and gets the offense more aggressive especially with the play action on 1st down, I think they will be fine. In fact if this is “first three weeks BC” they should easily take down Temple. This is a team that isn’t very good against the run, their starting quarterback may miss the game, and their offense is near the bottom of all programs. However, if Boston College is still a mess, and they are playing vanilla football, who knows.

Eric, what matchup do you think favors the Eagles this weekend?

Eric: I think the offensive line bounces back and Dillon has over 200 on the ground.


AJ: Eric, first loss of the year was a doozy. Did anyone play well?

Eric: CJ Lewis wasn’t bad. AJ, Kelly Bryant transferred from the Clemson Tigers today, was Dabo fair to his veteran QB?

AJ: I think Trevor Lawrence is a hell of a quarterback and makes them a better team, and Dabo did made the announcement on his starter early enough for Bryant to still be able to redshirt and transfer. I think it was a fair move all around. Eric, big games this weekend between Penn State and Ohio State and Notre Dame and Stanford. Who you picking?

Eric: I’ve got Ohio State and Stanford. The Cardinal have something going on after that improbable win in Oregon last weekend. AJ final question. do you see Ryan Day as a head coach next year?

AJ: Totally. He is going to be highly sought after and go to a P5 program, a team like UNC, Kansas or Oregon State could really use a young coach like Day. And never say never with BC, have to see how the rest of this season plays out.