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Last Call To Newton Season 2 Episode 2: oh no

NCAA Football: Boston College at Purdue Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Everyone, this is Gritty.

Gritty is the new Philadelphia Flyers’ mascot, who was introduced earlier this week.


Look into Gritty’s eyes!

Feel Gritty’s presence, and forget about the fact that last week BC lost to Purdue in an agonizing loss Saturday afternoon that likely dashed BC’s hopes of being ranked again at least for the near future.

Watch Gritty skate, and forget about the fact that Anthony Brown and AJ Dillon were held to a combined 131 yards of total offense.

Look at Gritty’s contemplative side, and don’t contemplate how BC’s defense, seemingly a stalwart coming into the season, struggled once again on the road.

Listen to this week’s edition of Last Call to Newton where Arthur and Patrick talk about GRITTY... and a football game that may or may not have happened this past weekend idk we’re a GRITTY blog now.

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