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Kelly Bryant is a Free Agent! Why He Should Consider BC on His List of Schools

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This is going to be quite the hot take

AllState Sugar Bowl - Clemson v Alabama Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Let us take a look at some of the biggest news in college football that was just released today. This morning, Bleacher Report released the news that Clemson’s former starting QB, Kelly Bryant, will be transferring out of Clemson after being benched over freshman standout Trevor Lawrence. Obviously, this news shook CFB nation as football fans across the country are all beginning to wonder where the star QB would find a new home. For the sake of entertaining an unlikely reality, here are some potentially legitimate reasons as to why BC would be a great place for him to land.

We Have Shown the Potential to be a Nationally Ranked Team

Up until that train wreck of a game last weekend against Purdue, BC was showing the prominence of a Top 25 team. So much so that we came into the game ranked 23rd in the nation. We were averaging 52 points per contest, played decently well on both sides of the ball through three games, and had a Heisman Candidate in AJ Dillon running through defenses like a wrecking ball. While last week’s loss saddened me deeply and was game that was practically unbearable to watch, I still like to view this season with a glass half-full type of mentality. There are still plenty of games left to win and show our true potential and I think Bryant would provide a revitalization in our offense that could propel us back to a national ranking. Especially right before the Eagles get deep into ACC play.

The ACC is Where He Belongs

Bryant knows ACC football as he has been guiding the Tigers offense through the ACC successfully since 2016. There is not much of a case for him to re-adapt elsewhere in another conference like the SEC of Big 10 especially with this being his senior year. With respects to other teams in the ACC, most of the other teams in the conference that would bring a sense of appeal are already in good hands. Virginia Tech has Josh Jackson, and Miami already has a good tandem between Red Shirt Senior Malik Rosier and N’Kosi Perry. I can see why Bryant might express interest towards teams like Duke (who just lost Daniel Jones indefinitely) and Florida State where everything has been disastrous. Yet, I believe that BC is one of the few teams in the ACC where everything is so close to becoming beautiful, there are still a few missing pieces. Bryant’s leadership would certainly aid in piecing together those gaps.

A Perfect Learning Opportunity for Anthony Brown

Anthony Brown certainly flashed in the first three games, but last week at Purdue proved that the young QB still had a ways to go. He is still finding difficult in reading pass coverage, executing on smart decision making, and using his feet as a weapon. Similar to how transfer Tyler Murphy took the reins behind center to set an example for Wade a few years back (who clearly did not want to apply anything he learned from Murphy), this could be an opportunity for Brown to learn from one of the best QBs in the nation. Doing so could only help him in becoming a better QB next year after Bryant’s short tenure at the heights would be over.

The Opportunity for Vengeance

This also ties back to my argument of Bryant staying in the ACC. Clearly, Bryant now has nothing but disgust for the Clemson organization. If I were in his shoes, I would cease the opportunity the silence the Tiger clubhouse by notching a win against my old program as a way of showing how poorly Dabo Swinney’s decision making process was. Boston College will give Bryant the opportunity to embarrass his old team and prove to his old staff that he was the better option when the Tigers come to the heights in November. Not to mention it would be on national television with every news outlet perceivably calling into question the direction of the Clemson organization.

A Cinderella Story Opportunity

A successful season with the Eagles could do a lot of good for Bryant when he enters the NFL draft next season. Taking a team that briefly broke through the barrier as a top 25 team to an ACC championship game and bowl appearance would cause a lot of vibrations across the college football universe and cause his stock value to rise. He has the ability, and talent, to be a leader for a team that is so very close to being a consistent threat in the ACC.

Though the likelihood is low, it is satisfying to envision a future where Kelly Bryant sports an Eagles uniform. Envisioning that future is a lot more fun than focusing on the outcome of last week’s performance.