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BCI Radio: Recapping the Purdue Blowout And Looking Forward To Temple

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Last weekend was a mess, we look at the whole situation

Boston College v Purdue Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

The Boston College Eagles got their doors blown off last week against a hungry Purdue Boilermakers team 30-13. In a game filled with mistakes, missed opportunities, and overall bad play, Eric and AJ will discuss what went wrong and what the Eagles need to do to move on from a bad loss. They will also look at the playcalling, and discuss how this is hurting the team.

Later in the show, the hosts will also discuss the upcoming game against the Temple Owls. This AAC opponent has won two in a row (Maryland and Tulsa), but can they beat the Eagles? AJ and Eric discuss what the Eagles will have to do to win this week, and what they would like to see improved upon from Week 3. Can AJ Dillon and Anthony Brown get things cooking again on offense, or will last week’s loss be a trend?

Of course there is a ton of ACC news to talk about, including the news of the Clemson Tigers QB Kelly Bryant announcing his transfer. We will get to all the recent news in today’s podcast.

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