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Former Boston College Hockey Star Brian Gionta Announces Retirement

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Ice Hockey - Winter Olympics Day 7 Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Brian Gionta announced his retirement from the NHL today, bringing an end to a long and successful career. Gionta played for 16 seasons in the NHL with four different teams after spending four years carving out a legacy as one of the best ever to play for Boston College.

Gionta started at Boston College in 1997 and played a major role in each of his four years with the program. He was a part of three different teams that made runs to the National Championship game, finally capturing the title as a senior in 2001 after loses in 1998 and 2000. Gionta scored 30 or more goals in three of his four seasons on the Eagles and never finished with fewer than 54 points.

The New Jersey Devils selected Gionta in the 1998 draft, and he would go on to spend the early part of his career with them. Gionta was part of the Stanley Cup winning Devils’ team in the 2002-2003 season before he truly broke out as an individual talent. Gionta scored at least 20 goals in ever season from 2003 through 2011 (not including the cancelled season in 2004-05) and reached his peak in the 05-06 campaign, where he scored 48 goals and put up 89 points to finish 13th in MVP voting. Gionta moved from New Jersey to Montreal after the 08-09 season, to Buffalo in 2014-15, and finished out his professional career with the Bruins when he played 20 regular season games for them just last season.

Gionta will end his career with 595 points in more than 1,000 NHL games played, a list that fewer than 330 belong to. He added another 68 points in 113 playoff games and made two different appearances for the United States in the Olympics; the first coming in 2006, the last in 2018. Having enjoyed a long career that featured both individual and team glory, Gionta’s time at BC and in the NHL can’t be viewed as anything besides a definitive success. Congratulations to Brian on a fantastic career and best of luck going forward!