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(23) Boston College vs. Purdue: Final Thoughts And Predictions

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How will the ranked Eagles fare against Purdue

NCAA Football: Boston College at Wake Forest Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

The Boston College Eagles are a ranked team for the first time since 2008. That is still a sentence that does compute, but here we are and the Eagles need to show they deserve the ranking. The first game as a ranked team is not going to be an easy one, as they head to Indiana to take on the deceptively good Purdue Boilermakers squad hungry for their first win. While Jeff Brohm’s team is 0-3, they should not be taken lightly. They lost by a combined 8 points to a good Missouri Tigers and Northwestern Wildcats team, and also EMU who could be a solid MAC team. The Boilermakers are going to do everything they can to win this game, and Steve Addazio is going to need to make sure his team is laser focused to avoid a road loss. The Vegas bookmakers are believing in the Eagles as they are 7 point favorites heading into this game. Can AJ Dillon and Company keep up the hot streak?

Keys To Victory

  1. Punish Purdue With A Healthy Dose Of Dillon: Last week Dillon had what seemed like a pedestrian 185 yards against Wake Forest, but for the most part it was the passing game that got the attention. Purdue’s defensive line is no where near as good as WF, if Purdue starts to respect the pass, Dillon is going to have a big game and could have more than one big run in the game.
  2. Pass on some first downs: My cohost Eric Hoffses said on the BCI podcast that BC ran the ball 11 straight times on 1st down last week, and it shouldn’t be a surprise that it was when they went to play action that BC really effectively moved the ball. I don’t mind lulling them in with a little run heavy offense, but switch it up and utilize the play action to keep them honest.
  3. Replicate the Dortch Scheme On Stud Wideout Rondale Moore: Last week Boston College’s defense had some major issues, but one I did not see was Greg Dortch scorching the D with a big play. In the past BC secondaries have been apt to let up the big play, but we didn’t see that through the air last week. They will be tested again with Moore, a fantastic wide out with blazing speed and nearly untackleable in the open field, if the defense can hold him to the numbers Dortch had, they should be fine.
  4. Special Team: Three errors against Wake Forest led to a 15 point swing, in a close game that obviously matters. No more blocked punts please.
  5. 3rd Down Stops/Red Zone Defense: Purdue brings a fast paced offense similar to that of Wake Forest, and BC needs to make sure that they aren’t running up 105 plays like last week. But if they do move the ball, stop them on 3rd down and force punts.

Beer of the Week:

People’s Brewing: Boiler Black (via Hammer and Rails)

“ On Wednesday, People’s owner Chris Johnson’s brewery on North Ninth Street was scheduled to start canning Boiler Black, just in time for Purdue’s Homecoming weekend and Saturday’s football game against Boston College.

Johnson said Boiler Black – an American style porter he described as having roasted malt flavors and a black appearance – will be available at Ross-Ade Stadium and the 1869 Tap Room on the ground floor of the Purdue Memorial Union.

He said Boiler Black should be on store shelves in Indiana and Illinois in the coming weeks.

“We designed the Boiler Black to have an approachable roasted character for fans of a darker full-flavored beer,” Johnson said.”

Absolutely Necessary Rap Song Of The Week

Jurassic 5: What’s Golden. As smooth as a Jeff Smith jet sweep, with rhymes as clever as a Scot Loeffler play action pass. The Eagles are “golden” as a ranked team, but don’t you dare call them the Golden Eagles or we may have a fight on our hands.

AJ’s Power of Positivity Thought Of The Week:

Defense end Wyatt Ray has been a revelation this year. Playing off the edge, he has been overshadowed in years past by Harold Landry, and this year by Zach Allen, but after his record setting performance against Wake Forest, he is getting the headlines. He is a massive threat on pass rushes, and is a nightmare for slower offensive linemen. He’s quick, and powerful, and could be setting up for an unexpected huge season and a career in the NFL. And isn’t that great?

Pregame Food Of The Week-

Lasagna: With BBQ, hotdogs and hamburgers and other warm dishes dominating as a tailgating favorite, this is a change up that is sneaky good for a cooler fall day. Throw this in the oven let it heat, bring it to your tailgate or party in a heat sealed bag, and boom, delicious pre-game meal. Add sausage and beef to get that protein that will prevent you from being ravenously hungry by halftime.

Staff Predictions (Grant wins for the closest Wake Forest prediction, leaving a 3 way tie at the top)

AJ Black (1): 35-24 BC. I think Purdue is definitely better than they show on paper, but that defense, woof. I don’t think they have an answer to AJ Dillon, and if they figure that out, Anthony Brown is going to kill them.

Laura (1): 27-21 BC.

Grant (1): 37-21 BC. We’re gonna look real good.

Coach JF: BC 44 Purdue 31 I’ll be in West Lafayette on Saturday to see 1) the Eagle offense continue to roll and 2) when challenged is the pass defense as flawed as the run defense appeared at Wake?

Matt O: 44-28 BC. The offense continues to roll and BC gets to play a home game as a ranked team against Temple

Arthur B: Boston College 40 Perdue (sic) 21:.

Eric H : BC 31 Purdue 27. Scary game for BC. Won’t get much credit for a win over a 0-3 team but this is actually the 2nd best team BC will play in its first 5 games

Kate B: 35-24 Eags

Rich: BC 35 Purdue 31 BC overcomes some sort of late game, heart attack inducing special teams debacle and pulls out the win.

Patrick: (AJ is a dip and forgot to email him)

Peter: BC 34 Purdue 21. I foresee another missed PAT, but our offense will keep clicking on all cylinders


Superfan Thermometer: 9/10.

Yo, a B1G game on the road? A ranked BC team looking to start the season off 4-0? If you aren’t amped up about this, I might need to check your pulse. BC fans let’s get excited, this is a huge game for the Eagles.

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Podcast: Check out this week’s episode as AJ and Eric talk even more about Purdue and BC.