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Renaissance Man: AJ Dillon’s Other Love

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He’s more than a running back. We talked to AJ Dillon about his other passion: photography.

Massachusetts v Boston College

AJ Dillon is the face of one of the hottest teams in the country. Boston College football has won six of their last seven stretching into last year. Steve Addazio’s squad is favored in its next three games leading up to a Friday night clash with Miami. BC is the only team in the country to boast a player in the top five of passing efficiency and top five in rushing yards. In what looks to be a down year for Florida State (and Clemson’s offense), anything is possible in the ACC.

And with all that, maybe it is time to look a little bit closer at the workhorse who reminds his coach of Ron Dayne and Bo Jackson. Last weekend ESPN showcased Dillon’s love of photography, a passion that led to the creation of 2 Focused Photography. Dillon’s business, complete with business cards and all, is his non-football love. Read our interview with Dillon below to hear how it all got started, what’s up now, and where he hopes it’s all heading:

Where did the photography all get started?

AJ Dillon: I guess I’ve always had a creative eye, kind of self-taught. I just like to take pictures. I got one of those little cameras with the little dial that you had to roll, one of the cheap ones, when I went on vacation with my family when I was seven. I just took pictures and I loved it. Then I saved some money and got a digital camera. And then my freshman year of high school a Nikon was all I wanted for my birthday.

I was taking pictures all the time: of my friends, everything. So that was my side hobby, my thing away from football. By the time my senior year of high school came around I had my own company, I guess, with business cards and stuff. I was taking photos for the local newspaper.

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How did your photography business begin, and how has it been since you came to BC?

Dillon: It has slowed since football is so demanding. But starting my senior year of high school, the thought was to have not just one photographer but have photographers and photography from all over. So I had this one guy who is in Toronto, and he takes pictures. We post all these pictures, so I’d be in Boston posting, or I went on a trip to Belize. So we would have pictures from Toronto, Boston, Belize, and so forth.

My thought process was that if this were to ever be big, I wanted to have pictures from all over the world so people could see what it is like.

How do you balance photography with football?

Dillon: Football is definitely the priority. Now being a Sophomore and understanding everything that I have to do, I am starting to get back into it. Last year I really put it on the back burner, just because everything was flying around.

Has BC been supportive of your outside interests?

Yeah! I mean people saw the ESPN bit and people love to talk about it. And here my teammates like to joke around and I take pictures for them whenever they want something to post on Instagram. And my coach, Coach [Brian] White, has always stressed about having something other than football to do. If you focus only on football too much you can get burnout. So it’s something that can take your mind off football and let you get away for a bit.

Do you have a favorite subject matter

Dillon: I like landscapes. It’s not so much people, or animals. I like landscapes and buildings. When I was in Belize it was a lot of photos of the water.

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Would you qualify this as your main hobby? Football, school, photography…

Dillon: And video games. Honestly this is something that I look back on when people ask me what my plan is. I definitely want to go to the NFL and have a great career. But after that is all done, god willing it all works out, it would be really nice to make that business bigger and follow up on that dream of having photographers all over. And that’s what I do.

Any photo classes at BC yet?

Dillon: Not yet, but I’ll be taking one in the spring!