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BCI Banter: Talking Steve Addazio, The Offense And

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Boston College v Wake Forest Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

AJ: Last week the Boston College Eagles went on the road and scored a huge win over a solid Wake Forest team. The star of the game was Anthony Brown, who threw for 5 touchdowns and threaded in some nice passes to Ben Glines, Tommy Sweeney and Jeff Smith. Eric, after last week’s win, what stood out the most for you about this Eagles team?

Eric: I think the thing that stood out the most was how Anthony Brown made Wake pay the price for stacking eight in the box to stop AJ Dillon. In years past we’ve seen opponents stack the box to stop the BC running game and for whatever reason the offense couldn’t make them pay for it. It was impressive watching Brown connect on explosive passing plays at will. AJ, what concerns do you have about this team?

AJ: Special teams are going to always be a concern for me, both mistakes BC made were kind of fluky, Michael Walker never drops punts, and Grant Carlson got a bit of the first year jitters, but this has been a pattern for the Eagles. As we get into the meat of this schedule, the Eagles can’t afford to make mistakes like that. Also there hasn’t really been a field goal attempt for either Colton Lichtenberg or Joe Tessitore, so that worries me as well. Eric, I touched on special teams, what about the offense or defense still gives you concerns.

Eric: On offense I wasn’t really happy with the first half play calling. There was a sequence where the Eagles ran on first down 11 straight times. I heard people say that those 11 runs setup the success for play action later in the game, which is probably true. But do they really need to run it 11 times? They can’t run it four times, then pass, then run three times, then pass again? I think 11 straight runs is way over the top. On defense, it did concern me that both Wake backs rushed for over 100 yards and over 5 yards per carry. I know that can be chalked up to Wake’s pace of play wearing out the BC defense, but it wasn’t passing the eye test for me. AJ with the Eagles finally ranked, does this change your impression of Steve Addazio.

AJ: Well, so far this season has made my impression much more positive on Daz, but I still need to see more. Obviously the new look offense since last year is something to behold, but the in game decisions need to be more consistent. I was quick to defend Daz after Thursday’s first half, because to me it seemed like BC was drawing Wake in, to unload that air attack in the second half. But of course there is the other part of me that thought “No, this is Daz”. I want to see BC win this week, and I want to see what they do against Clemson/Miami. If this team gets blown out in both, I still will be worried.

Eric, final question. What is it about the offense that you’ve seen so far that makes it so dangerous?

Eric:Dillon is the obvious answer. However, Brown took the offense to a new level when he showed that BC can actually make teams pay through the air when they stack the box.


AJ: This has been an interesting season so far, Eric who are your final four in the playoffs?

Eric: Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State and then everyone else is playing for the 4th spot. AJ, Who is the early favorite for the Heisman?

AJ: It has to be Tua Tagovailoa of Alabama, he fits the mold of SEC QB on championship team that has become the mold for most Heismans. Eric, if Anthony Brown replicates his performance against Wake this weekend, do you think he leapfrogs AJ Dillon in the Heisman talk?

Eric No way. Dillon has Vegas’ attention even after “only” running for 185 yards. He is doww to 10-to-1 to win the Heisman. AJ, last question. Bowl projections have come out, where do you think Boston College ends up?

AJ: Thinking that the Camping World Bowl (former Champ Sports Bowl) will be the choice this year, and BC will get a marquee name.