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BC vs Wake Forest: Final Thoughts And Predictions

What are the writers saying about Thursday afternoon’s clash?

NCAA Football: Holy Cross at Boston College
He’s comin’.
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This year’s edition of #TheRivalry comes early as the Boston College Eagles and Wake Forest Demon Deacons face off at 5:30 in Winston-Salem. The biggest story going into this game has to be the weather, as Hurricane Florence bears down on the Southeast, but it appears that won’t be a factor in this game as weather is projected to be warm and cloudy. This is a big game for both programs as they both look to assert themselves in the ACC Atlantic after wins against FCS and lesser conference opponents. Going into this week, shockingly, BC is a rather heavy favorite with odds getting as high as 7 points at one point this week. Why you may ask? Wake has lost seven starters due to season ending injuries. But this isn’t a team to sleep on, they have a physical offensive line, and one of the best wide receivers in the country in Greg Dortch. But can Wake keep up with AJ Dillon and BC’s crushing offensive line? That remains to be seen.

Keys To Victory

  1. Get AJ Going: Dillon is going to be the X factor going into this game. If Wake’s defensive front can’t stop him, this is going to be over with quickly. Addazio needs to assert him early let him get some momentum and take over the game.
  2. Keep Sam Hartman In The Pocket: BC has a young quarterback in Anthony Brown, but Wake has an even younger one. He has great feet and can cause problems with his legs, but he has been picked off three times this year, pressure him enough to make some bad throws but don’t let him escape. John Wofford killed BC on his scrambles and designed runs last year, and the Eagles can’t let Hartman do the same.
  3. Contain Dortch: On the defensive side of the ball the biggest X factor has to be either Hamp Cheevers, Taj-Amire Torres or Brandon Sebastian. Whomever gets the call to cover him needs to prevent the big play, which Dortch can bring. Keep his catches to small gains.
  4. Play Action and Bootlegs: As we have seen the play action has been super effective for the Eagles in the first two games. Teams are selling out trying to contain Dillon which has left tight ends wide open and Kobay White with single coverage on the outside. Keep doing that and keep the defenses guessing.
  5. Minimize Turnovers and Mistakes: Last year Wake scored 21 out of their 34 points on turnovers against the Eagles. They obviously can’t have that again, Brown needs to make good decisions and not make the mistakes he made against the Deacs last year.

Beer of the Week:

Sap- Treehouse Brewery: I’ve been looking for any excuse to put Treehouse on my list, I recently moved out to the Worcester area, and have been hearing how great the Treehouse Brewery is so I had to check it out. I made my first trip a few weeks ago, and holy crap was it out of this world. The lines for drafts and cans are a bit long, but the beer is some of the smoothest and tastiest I’ve ever tried. Honestly, you can’t find the beer in store, so you have to take a trip there. IT IS TOTALLY WORTH IT.

Absolutely Necessary Rap Song Of The Week

Mobb Deep: Quiet Storm. There will be no rain for this, but there will be a storm brewing on the field with AJ Dillon looking to solidify his Heisman campaign.

AJ’s Power of Positivity Thought Of The Week:

I realize that statistics and projections are a little hazy at this point of the season, especially given BC’s strength of opponents so far, but both Bill C and ESPN have BC as projected for 10 wins right now. Again, this is reallllly early, but it is has been years since the Eagles have received such positive forecasts. WOO

Pregame Food Of The Week-

Chili: Late afternoon start means you need some good sustenance for dinner, and what is better than a nice hearty chili. I’m a big jalapeno person (those as I get older, my stomach is not a fan), but get a nice couple pounds of beef, spices, beans and a beer to mix in, and you have a hell of a dish.

Fans Excuses To Get Out Of Work Early So You Can Watch The Game.

And via Facebook:
Amanda Mangione: “A hurricane is coming. I have to get the bread and milk.”
Leslee Anderson: “I think I’m coming down with the Flutie.”
John B Atkinson: “An Eagle asks for forgiveness not permission.”

Prediction Thread: Laura won this week as she was pretty darn close on both scores!

AJ Black (1): 28-13 BC. The Eagles should be able to move the ball against Wake, and they’ll score on some nice drives. Defense should take care of business on the other side of the ball.

Laura:(1) 3-0 BC I will lose but it’s worth it

Coach JF: BC 30 Wake 20. A lot of Eagle opponents look more vulnerable than originally anticipated. Wake is one of them, although BC has to be better on special teams

Matt O: 35-17 BC. If it’s played it’ll be in the rain and the run game will be the difference. Advantage Dillon

Arthur B: 10-0 BC. And let’s hope to God no one gets hurt (both in the game and in the storm)

Eric H : 14-13 BC

Kate B: 17-10 BC

Rich: 24-17 BC

Grant: 34-27 BC. Let’s go.

Patrick: 28-14 BC. Run games and Run D are important.

Superfan Thermometer: 8/10. BC’s first game against an ACC opponent this year, and a peer school, a team that BC should battle and win. BC fans should get to see how this team is really built. Other than an early start time kind of dampers it a bit, but let’s all get out of work early and cheer on those Eagles!

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Podcast: Check out this week’s episode as AJ and Eric talk even more about Wake and BC.