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Hurricane Florence Threatens Boston College @ Wake Forest

The game hasn’t been cancelled... yet.

Hurricane Florence Likely To Strike East Coast With Damaging Effect Photo by NOAA via Getty Images

Boston College’s Thursday night clash with Wake Forest is in jeopardy now that the National Weather Service has upgraded Hurricane Florence to a Category 4 storm. The Category 4 label means Florence has sustained winds of over 130mph and is capable of causing massive amounts of damage. Evacuation has already begun in parts of North and South Carolina as the region braces for one of the largest storm in only 30 years.

It is unclear exactly how the ACC will respond the hurricane, which is expected to make its way up the US coast on Thursday. It is also worth mentioning that Winston-Salem is over 200 miles inland and will not receive the brunt of the hurricane’s damage. Officials from the conference and both universities are monitoring the situation, and we will update you all if changes are announced. As for now, the game is still on.

It is not totally unusual for a game to be played in a Hurricane in the Carolinas. In 2016 Syracuse visited Wake Forest during Hurricane Matthew. Despite the rain, there was no lightning or danger and the game was played as planned.

To be clear: Florence most likely will devastate North Carolina and the surrounding region, and if you are in its path please follow the NWS’s recommendations. Any college football games cancelled over the weekend pale in comparison to safety.