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BCI Banter: Talking College Football And The UMass Game

What do AJ and Eric think about some big college football topics.

NCAA Football: North Carolina State at Boston College Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

AJ: Welcome back to the return of the BCI Weekly Banter, our weekly post where Eric and I talk and analyze BC football, and look at other events in college football. It’s been a while since we’ve been able to chat, but Eric how excited are you that college football has returned?

Eric: It’s tough to put into words! I’m not one of these people that tries to hold onto every last minute of summer. I get burnt out (no pun intended) by all of the 95 degree days like we are having right now. Once the kids are back in school I’m locked and loaded for football. AJ, what are you looking forward to most?

AJ: I haven’t been this excited about a Boston College football team in a while. The talent on both sides of the ball have been completely amped up and ready to buy in on this team. Now in the past this excitement has proved to be my downfall so I hope that Steve Addazio and Company don’t let me down this season. Honestly though, nothing beats throwing on my maroon and gold, heading down to Chestnut Hill, seeing old friends, and cheering for my alma mater.

Eric, let’s talk AJ Dillon, there has been a ton of praise rightfully heading towards this sophmore running back. How do you see this season playing out for him?

Eric: He is the best running back I’ve seen here since William Green at the beginning of the century, which now that I think of it is pretty scary to think was almost 20 years ago! We know what AJ is going to do on the ground, so I think the only mystery is how much the team uses him in the passing game this year. Every indication coming out of camp is that Dillon will be involved on third down this year which is great news. I think not only can he be a threat catching the ball in open space, but he is going to open up the passing game because teams will be looking for him coming out of the backfield.

AJ, who do you think has the potential to be the most dependable guy to help Dillon on offense this year?

AJ: It’s going to have to be Tommy Sweeney. A nice intermediate route runner who is a matchup nightmare. I can imagine Anthony Brown using the playaction to Sweeney quite a bit to keep defenses honest. What excites me the most is how they could use him near the goal line. It is going to be a no win situation for defenses, they are going to either have to sell out to stop AJ Dillon, leaving Sweeney open, or Dillon will find spots.

Eric, he’s an older coach now, and the biggest knock on Steve Addazio has been his in game play calling, and difficulties in tight situations. Do you see this changing this year now that he has more weapons at his disposal?

Eric He has to prove it to me AJ. I think Addazio has put to rest any doubt people might have had on his ability to recruit. He has shown the ability to get big -time recruits like AJ Dillon and Harold Landry while also finding two star players like Hamp Cheevers and John Lamot and making starters out of them.

I think last year we saw Addazio evolve into the 21st century and go for it on 4th down a lot more (7th most in country). Now I think people want to see him be a little more aggressive at the end of the half and at the end of games. Without that, I don’t see the program getting to the next level and being a legit ACC title contender, even with the current roster.

What do you think AJ? Is there enough talent here to overcome Addazio not being more aggressive?

AJ: That is the million dollar question, I really hope so, but it has been five years and we haven’t seen it in a complete season yet. He has no excuses this year, he has the talent on both sides of the ball to really show what this team is capable of. I really do believe we will find out if Addazio is the coach of the future for this team, or if he is going to perpetually be a 7-6 coach.

Two Minute Drill

AJ: Eric, we already gave our season predictions. Who you have for your early Heisman favorite?

Eric: Bryce Love is the obvious choice. If I’m going sleeper I like Shea Patterson at 20-to-1 because I think Michigan is either going to be 11-1 and competing for a national title or a complete flop. AJ: I’ll go with Will Grier at WVU

AJ: If you could visit any stadium in the country which would it be?

Eric: I’ve been to Clemson and nothing has topped that yet, but I’d like to catch a game at Ole Miss or LSU. AJ, pick a powerhouse school that will be changing coaches after this year.

AJ: I’m going to go with Urban Meyer. Maybe he is fired, maybe he leaves on his own, but I think this will be the end, after the controversy he has hit this season. Also, I predict that Herm Edwards will be done with college coaching by the end of this season.