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Boston College 2018 Football Roundtable: Predictions For The Season

What are the writers predicting?

NCAA Football: Boston College at Syracuse Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

Our final preseason roundtable is our predictions for the upcoming season. Will Boston College exceed expectations, or could it be a let down. Our writers give their predictions below.

AJ: Final Record 9-3, win in Sun Bowl: I have this sneaking suspicion that I am setting myself for disappointment again, but I am buy on the Eagles this year. There is just too much talent on both sides of the ball for them not to win 8 games, and for Steve Addazio to pull off an upset or two. Here are my wins this year: UMass, Purdue, Holy Cross, Wake Forest, Syracuse, Louisville, Clemson (predicted that earlier), Temple, and Miami. Yes I realize there are is a brutal stretch in the middle for the Eagles, but I think this team can whether the storm. I am going for it, this is going to be a huge season for the Eagles and one that fans won’t forget.

Peter: Final Record (8-4). This most recent off-season has brought a ton of momentum going into the year. With the completion of the Fish Athletic Facility and a great prospecting season, the Eagles are geared up for a great year. The Eagles’ schedule is by no means a cake walk as they will be pitted against their typical ACC headaches (i.e. Clemson, the U, FSU and VT), but I definitely believe that they can sneak at least one big upset this year. The first half of their schedule should be a perfect opportunity for the team to get their cogs turning and to build some strong chemistry by playing some low-tier opponents. However, if they let one of their first four/five games slip (god forbid it’s against Holy Cross), that could set back the team drastically. But, I will keep the faith, and say the Eagles will easily go bowling come winter.

Rich: (7-5) followed by a loss in the Sun Bowl to Oregon. Another 7-6 finish--the fifth in Addazio’s six seasons. I hope this is wrong, I’d love to buy into the hype, but it’s a tough schedule, and I expect one or two frustrating losses due to poor game management. Oddsmakers have the over/under at 6.5 regular season wins, with more of the action on the over, and that sounds about right. I’m looking forward to another year of AJ Dillon, and I think he’ll exceed his tremendous freshman campaign behind a more experienced offensive line (speaking of Vegas, he’s +8000 to win the Heisman). Admittedly, the Sun Bowl is a wild guess, but I’m still thawing out from last year’s Pinstripe Bowl, so it sounded appealing.

Arthur: 10-3 I expect quarterback Anthony brown to be strong and recover well from his redshirt freshman year. On the other side of the ball, I believe that the defense will be up to par, especially with Zach Allen, Lukas Dennis and Will Harris as veterans leaders. This is the best team Boston College has had in a while, and I believe they are going to have a big year.