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BC Football 2018 Roundtable: Possible Stumble Games

In games that BC should win, what could be a game they stumble?

NCAA Football: Wake Forest at Boston College Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday the BC Interruption writers looked at possible games that the Boston College Eagles could spring an upset. Today, we are going to look at games where BC should be favored, or a coin flip, and they end up losing. Check out our answers below and leave your thoughts in the comment section.

AJ: Wake Forest Demon Deacons. Early in the season when Boston College needs to establish themselves, this has trap game written all over it. Anthony Brown will see his first real strong opposing defense, it is on the road, and this is a team that moved the ball at will against BC last year. True the Demon Deacons will be starting a true freshman QB, but this game could cause some anxiety.

Rich: Louisville Cardinals: I could see this being a disappointing home loss heading into the Miami game. Sure, Louisville is trying to figure out life after Lamar Jackson, but I think they’ll be competitive this season. Hopefully BC won’t get caught looking ahead to the gauntlet of games that follow this one.

Matt: Wake Forest. Although the Eagles may be underdogs heading into that game, that can be a trap game. It should be the first competitive team BC faces and it is on the road against a Wake team that will be playing without its starting quarterback. I think AJ Dillon and the offensive line probably overcome any sluggish performance, but this is a game that Steve Addazio needs to be very careful with.

Grant: Put me down for Wake Forest as well. It’s right in the middle of the stretch of games we really need to have, and how we do in that stretch is going to determine just how far Daz can take us as a coach. It’s hard to call anything in the second half a “stumble” given how good those teams all are. Wake isn’t great but they’re going to be a battle.

Peter: I’m going to have to ride everyone’s coattails and say Wake Forest. In recent years, Wake has always been such a trap game for the Eagles where they think that they will have an easy win but end up losing 3-0 on terrible clock management (yeah, I haven’t forgotten about that Daz). So expect this game to be a bit of a challenge for the Eagles and potentially their first loss of the season.