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Boston College Football 2018 Roundtable: Offensive MVP (Non-A.J. Dillon Edition)

Tommy Sweeney? The Offensive Line? Anthony Brown?

NCAA Football: Boston College at Virginia Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Before we even start today’s roundtable discussion, let me reiterate that AJ Dillon is not eligible to win this award, because it is basically a given that all the writers would have picked him and would have made for a pretty dull post. Here are our other choices.

AJ: Tommy Sweeney: It has been a while since Boston College has had an impact tight end, and I believe Sweeney could be the best at the position since Pete Mitchell. Quick, with great hands he is going to be a nightmare matchup, as he is too quick for most linebackers to cover, and too big for defensive backs to cover. Just having him out there will make guys like Jeff Smith, Kobay White and Michael Walker better, because defenses may have to double cover Sweeney. And that is not even talking about what he could do for the running game. Focus too much on AJ Dillon, and Sweeney can make you pay with a twenty yard catch. The excitement is justifiably around Dillon, but man Sweeney is going to be a lot of fun this year too.

Matt: This is more a hopeful prediction than anything else, but Anthony Brown. I think he bounces back from his knee injury and reaches his ceiling, just out of necessity. If BC has any hope of being 7-0 heading into the Miami game, AB needs to be able to consistently make 10-15 yard throws and target weapons Jeff Smith, Tommy Sweeney, and Kobay White. If Brown can become a good pocket passer and find a way to get the ball into the hands of the real offensive MVP (AJ Dillon), then the Eagles will be able to move through their schedule.

Patrick: AJ Dillon will only be the offensive MVP if the offensive line can keep improving its performance from last year. At the heart of that improvement will likely be center Jon Baker, who missed all of last year with an ACL tear. The center is ultimately the focal point of the offensive line, and the return of his leadership and experience should be what keeps this o-line working as the bulldozer for Dillon.

Rich: Kobay White: Honestly, I just want to get excited about a BC wideout. Have you ever looked at a list of the school’s all time receiving leaders? It’s bleak. White looked good in his first year of action, and if he can establish himself as a downfield threat, it can take a little bit of pressure off the run game.

Peter: Despite having a serious knee injury last year, I think that Anthony Brown is due for a great season. It has been awhile since BC has had a strong leader at QB, but I think Brown might be the guy that they were looking for. Additionally, I am just bias towards loving a dual-threat QB as those types of players always keep defenses guessing and are some of the best athletes out on the field. He is going to be the catalyst and leader that this offense needs. Also, he is roommates with A.J. Dillon so their chemistry is constantly getting stronger making it a lot easier for them to work in tandem to create a powerful offensive duo.