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Cleveland Circle’s Mary Ann’s building sold to developers for $1.5 million

Is this the end for a venerable BC hangout?

Flickr/David Salafia

Not technically BC athletics related, but big news: Could a long-time BC staple, Mary Ann’s, soon be closing for good?

The property housing Mary Ann’s, 1937-1939 Beacon Street, was sold for $1.5 million to a group of noted local developers, with a history of residential developments. The new ownership group, led by Fred Starikov and Steve Whalen of City Realty, also purchased local dive bars The Tam and Beacon Hill Pub.

While the future is uncertain for MA’s and there has been no announcement about what the sale means for the site, there has been writing on the wall that its days could be numbered. It has periodically been closed for days or weeks at a time, the long-time sign disappeared a few years back, and it has had frequent run-ins with neighbors and licensing authorities due to noise complaints and other issues.

A phone call to MA’s Friday afternoon was not answered, though the bar typically does not open until 4 PM. We’ll post more if we hear it ... For now, is it time for students and grads of the last 2-3 years to plan on going to Cityside for their football pregames?