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Dempsey Arsenault’s Overtime Goal Against Stony Brook is BC Interruption’s Play of the Year

Beating an undefeated team in Tournament play helped this moment to win

Kathryn Riley

When it came to naming the best play of the year, we had a lot of valid options. Plays in the running to win included Sam Apuzzo’s game winning goal over Maryland, Jerome Robinson’s basket that gave BC the lead over Duke, Toni Ann Miano’s Beanpot winning goal, and AJ Dillion’s killer play against Louisville. Ultimately though, Dempsey Arsenault’s thrilling overtime game winning goal against undefeated Stony Brook, which sent BC to the Final Four, earned the distinction of being BC Interruption’s 2018 Play of the Year.

Arsenault, who had 69 (nice) points for BC this season, is one of the best two-way players in the game and can always be counted on for a clutch goal. She came up big for BC against Stony Brook with 3 goals and 9 draw control wins, but her final goal was perhaps the most important goal scored all season.

BC and Stony Brook both went undefeated in the regular season, but Stony Brook continued that streak into the post-season while BC lost in the ACC Championship. The two teams played a back and forth game, with Stony Brook leading by 1 at the half and the teams knotted at 11 at the end of regulation. The game went into double overtime, with a trip to the 2018 Final Four on the line, and Arsenault scored the beautiful goal above at 1:42.

Arsenault was only a junior this year, and she could very well be a contender for Play of the Year again in 2019.