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Final Look At UMass: BC Wins If. BC Loses If.

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A really early look at what could happen in the opener

NCAA Football: Massachusetts at Mississippi State Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

As UMass Week here at BC Interruption comes to an end (don’t worry UMass folks we won’t talk about you again until the week the season starts), let’s take a look at how the game could go.

Boston College Wins If: All of BC’s strengths line up perfectly with the Minutemen’s weaknesses. UMass struggles to tackle and play defense, and they are going to have to stop a wrecking ball with arms and legs in A.J. Dillon, along with an offensive line that should be able to blast Mark Whipple’s line consistently. On the other side of the ball, UMass has the weapons to put up points, but I think that Zach Allen and the BC defenders are going to have a field day against a weak UMass offensive line that was near the bottom in sacks allowed last year. If BC can go out limit mistakes and just dominate up front like they have every reason to, they should be able to jump out to an early lead and Addazio can play around with his depth players.

Boston College Loses If: Anthony Brown comes out and is rusty and makes some big mistakes early. Some ill timed turnovers deep in their own zone, penalties and letting Andrew Ford get into a rhythm could be trouble. A pinnacle of BC football has always been minimizing mistakes, such as penalties or special team blunders, they are going to want to continue that here as well.

Win Percentage: 96%. I am fairly confident that BC is going to easily win this game. UMass certainly showed last year that they can hold their own against teams like Mississippi State, BYU and Tennessee. However, I think BC just matches up well against UMass, and think Vegas’s line of -20 will be close to the final spread.

Starting next week we preview the Wake Forest Demon Deacons. There will not be a Holy Cross post series, because I don’t have it in me to write 5 posts on an FCS squad BC is going to paste.