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BC Interruption End of Year Awards - The Complete List of Winners

Yesterday we finished announcing our 2017-18 award winners - here’s the final list!

Kathryn Riley

Now that all of our 2017-18 BCI award winners have been announced, check out the full list of the honorees below!

2017-18 Male Rookie of the Year: AJ Dillon (Football)
2017-18 Female Rookie of the Year: Daryl Watts (Women’s Hockey)
2017-18 Most Improved Female Athlete: Annie Murphy (Softball)
2017-18 Most Improved Male Athlete: Graham McPhee (Men’s Hockey)
2017-18 Play of the Year: Dempsey Arsenault’s overtime goal against Stony Brook (Lacrosse)
2017-18 Off the Court/Ice/Field Moment of the Year: Joanna Bernabei-McNamee’s hire (Women’s Basketball)
2017-18 Male Athlete That Best Embodies a Boston College Eagle: Tommy Sweeney (Football)
2017-18 Female Athlete That Best Embodies a Boston College Eagle: Andie Anastos (Women’s Basketball, Women’s Hockey)
2017-18 Game of the Year: Boston College upsets Duke (Men’s Basketball)
2017-18 Coach of the Year: Acacia Walker-Weinstein (Lacrosse)
2017-18 Team of the Year: Women’s Lacrosse
2017-18 Female Fan Favorite: Toni Ann Miano (Women’s Hockey)
2017-18 Male Fan Favorite: Ky Bowman (Men’s Basketball)
2017-18 Male Player of the Year: Jerome Robinson (Men’s Basketball)
2017-18 Female Player of the Year: Sam Apuzzo (Lacrosse)

Congrats to the winners!