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Ky Bowman is BCI’s Male Fan Favorite of the Year

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NCAA Basketball: Florida State at Boston College Paul Rutherford-USA TODAY Sports

Sophomore point guard Ky Bowman was voted Male Fan Favorite of the Year in this year’s BCI Awards. A fan favorite tends to exhibit either grit and effort, or flash and a flair for the heroic. Men’s basketball’s Ky Bowman has both.

Bowman plays at maximum effort on every possession, a true feat on a team with no real backup at his position. Bowman averaged more minutes on the team than any player during the ’17-’18 season, including Jerome Robinson. He averaged almost 7 rebounds a game from the point guard position, trailing only Steffon Mitchell in total rebounds for the year. He recorded 51 steals, far and away the most on the team. He knocked down over 80% of his free throws. He took on more of a leadership role in his sophomore season, corralling teammates during pressure situations and often being the first to offer words of encouragement to a frustrated teammate after a missed play.

Ky also has an undeniable flair for the dramatic that endears him to fans. He’s never one to back down when the lights are brightest; he recorded his season highs for field goals and 3-point field goals in arguably the two biggest wins if the season, the ACC Tournament second round win over N.C. State and the December upset over #1 Duke respectively. He was known, perhaps most of all, for his emphatic dunks that brought the Conte crowd to its feet. I’ll let this one speak for itself…

This year’s BCI Award for Male Fan Favorite of the Year generated more nominations than any other award category. Ky Bowman ultimately rose to the top of a hotly contested field that included honorable mentions Jerome Robinson (MBB), Joe Woll (MIH), Logan Hutsko (MIH), Steffon Mitchell (MBB), AJ Dillon (FB), Julius Mattila (MIH), and Jesper Mattila (MIH). Bowman announced his return to BC for his junior season after withdrawing from the NBA draft last month, and he will have to play a central role for this 2018-2019 season to be successful.